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Friday, August 2, 2013

Blip and a o.O;

After events last Friday life took a bit of a turn towards "getting busy".  Such is life.  Friday started off good but tired.  I managed to get into an EVE Radio fleet for a bit (as a logi pilot again) and on my way back from the fleet fell victim to a smarbombing battleship...

Ouch... and bye bye implants.

After this incident I managed to catch myself heading to Jita in my main...  While I'm in faction warfare.  At this point I decide I'm too tired to keep playing and simply dock up and log off.

Then the busyness happened.

So I have barely managed to keep skill-flipping while I deal with RL dragons.

Then Fozzie's Command Ship revamp for Odyssey 1.1 post came up.  Humm, so in about a month and a bit I should be able to get ahold of skirmish implants for around 80mil instead of the current 230-ish (yes I lost a skirmish implant) and there will be faction ones with dual bonus????

Ok, I can wait (and build up my LP for that).

Also going to need to work on my Siege and Armor warfare specs...

Also the Petition for that plex came back.  Apparently you CAN be close enough to a button to run the timer down but too far for LP.  I can only assume that there is a slightly different point for both items and/or the distance calculation may involve object "bubbles" in some of the calculations and not in others.  So slightly in from the edge may be necessary (i.e. 29km is safe but if you're at 30km you may be OK, or you may be out of luck like me).

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