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Monday, August 23, 2010


Been busy since last post. Humm let's see. In no particular order:

As you know I'll be taking a break from EVE come September. That being the case there are a bunch of administrative and not so administrative things to do. Administrative: Open up the books and see where each corporation in the alliance stands dues wise and pass information on to next alliance leader. (not done yet).

Not so administrative: Meeting with corp to discuss corp future with me no longer in the picture. End result of the meeting: Active pilots going to an active corp while I put the corp to sleep. W-space tower going to have to come down. Date for all this established.

Which leads to administrative: Kicking out all the members I haven't seen in a few weeks because they haven't logged in (not done yet but soon). This will probably happen the same day I tear down the tower (got to do something during those long un-anchoring parts).

Which leads to more logistics: Do a preliminary teardown of all industrial facilities and backup defenses. Get all of same shoved up in high sec. Two full Orca loads later THAT got done.

More logistics: Put in the last fuel the tower will need. Enough to last past the planned tear-down date. Gather rest of fuel and some PI materials and ship it all to high sec. Dump PI stuff on Jita, fly fuel to main high sec base.

Again Logistics: Fly around gathering stuff at disparate bases (including the tower modules and left over fuel from the high sec research facility. Centralize to main high sec base (again).

Then there is administrative logistics: Start emptying out corporate hangars in preparation for un-renting corporate offices. Acompanied by corporation wide eve mail: "Please empty out anything you want from the communal part of the hangars so I don't have to deal with it".

Moving ships around (shipping the small stuff in the Orca, flying the battleships). This is mostly done at the same time as the above mentioned logistical moves. Back to the wormhole each time a part of the operation was finished.

Can you tell most of the last week was spent AFK hauling various distances in high sec? (getting pro at the low slot switch out with my Orca).

So now that things have been pared down to their minimum, the plan is to make use of the remaining time in w-space to make as much isk as possible out of the various sites and connected system. In light of this, on Sunday I got my mining on. 15k of Arkonor and 17k of Dark Ochre (alliance member request for serious quantities of Nocxium) got mined when....

One of the alliance carriers was getting into trouble. And since it's in a wormhole an unknown (at the time) distance from my current wormhole, there wasn't much I could do except shut down the mining Op, scan for the exit (got it on the first scan down) and see how far the trip was to get to it. Unfortunately it was too far (I just hit high sec when the pilot said "carrier down").

Side comment: Yes I know it's a horrible fit. No I'm not responsible. Yes he should never have engaged without more backup than he had. I know.

The thing about dispersed wormhole life: In order for wormholes to be profitable and livable for even a small alliance you need multiple wormholes which means your forces are dispersed as far as rapid reaction goes. So standing rules are each wormhole is responsible for it's own local defense. Only when a POS is in danger are alliance forces called upon to concentrate. This is not a great big secret. Most alliance in wormhole space operate along the same principals. The dictates of the logistics involved necessitate it. The problem is of course that against serious raids (as opposed to assaults) you're outnumbered and end up loosing ships. Actual assaults are fairly rare mind you.

Throughout all this of course I need to keep my PI plans rolling along. This involves making one last set of P4's (10 of each item) and then going to P1 production only for dumping in Jita. I should be finished the last of the P4's withing 24h so from that point until tear-down it's Extractor work only.

Oh forgot to add: Bought my first Makinaw only to find out I need to slip in some Ice mining V to fit the T2 ice harvesters. Oh well.

So all in all a rather busy period for me.


Latro said...

My head just exploded!!! Lol. Sounds like more of a second job than a game, doesn't it? Enjoy your "time off." You definitely deserve it.

Carole Pivarnik said...

What Latro said. For your mental health, I suggest you sell all that shit to fund a life of unfettered, wanton piracy when you come back. Jeeze, Letrange!!!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I've known Let 15 years now, and whatever game he plays, he plays it litterally until the code unravels itself.

EVE was tailor-made for him :)

Letrange said...

Oh it's not so bad when you've got the ships to haul stuff in (mucho love to ze Orca devs)

I will admit to listening to a lot of Greenday over the weekend

Cebit said...

Must agree whith both Latro and mynxee here. Man does it sound like an second jobb.Hope you still will be posting here from time to time as been really enjoying reading your posts