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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Gah! steam of consciousness stuff coming (PvP players may want to skip this one).

A post on Kirith's blog got me thinking about the missing parts of EVE. For PvP players we have killmails as "achievement" objectives. Admittedly these are chuck full of intel for those who know how to look, but the point is that they are used as a metric of success or participation. The thing is implementing something like this could easily be done in EVE. Especially associated with with something like the contract system. The problem is that the contract system is not flexible nor powerful enough to do what is needed.

With that here are some random ideas to improve the situation:

1) Corporate contracts. This needs to be leveraged and used much more. The reality is that this feature is horribly underused. having a list of corporate contracts available and completed on the corporate interface would help a lot. Having a copy paste feature like a kill mail and an API to this information would also do wonders. (restrict access to corporation members or individuals when exporting would be kind of intelligent).

2) Get this information into a tab on he character sheet like the kills and losses.

3) Allow courrier contracts to have a POS tower/module as a destination and as a source.

4) Allow assembled ships to be in courier contracts and so long as the assembled ship meets insertion into ship maintenance bays allow them to be placed in the Ship Maintenance bays of Orcas. This way we can have contracts for hauling assembled rigged ships around, that don't need freighters.

5) Allow either corporate internal buy/sell orders or contracts with partial completion.

end of stream of consciousness.


Unknown said...

#1) A user can list corporate and alliance contracts using the standard contract interface. The API already exists for retrieving corporate contracts as well.

#2) Once again, corporate contract list. Whether contracts are listed in the character sheet or contracts, it is up to the user to go look for them.

#3) Great idea here. Could use some refining (such as what if tower is offline, roles, etc).

#4) You can already courier any assembled ship that is a Battleship or smaller. Size restrictions on courier contracts were removed in 2009.

#5) Internal buy/sell contracts already exist. A market would be useful, however, if users don't use the contract system they won't use the market either.

Toldain said...

@Letrange Yes, I like how you are thinking. All of the suggestions seem worthwhile to me.

@Squizz I think you are kind of missing the point, particularly with #5. There are buy/sell contracts, and they can be listed corporate only, but only one character can pick up said contract, and must complete it by buying/selling the whole amount.

You could chop it up into bite sized chunks, but you're going to quickly run out of contract slots that way, and you'd still miss out on odd-lot stuff, ones and twos.

pjharvey said...

Maybe need to have separate sections for corporate/alliance-completed contracts and other contracts, to help prevent gaming the system. It could still be possible, though.

Unknown said...

Do like. Why not post them to the EVE UserVoice and get some general votes on them?

Unknown said...

@Squizz: #4: But, you CAN'T move a courier "package" inside a "Ship maintenance Bay" (Orca, Carrier, Rorqual). So, if the courrier contract is my trusty Hulk, you wouldn't be able to move it unless you break the seal, move it, and then recontract it to me.

We would need a special type of courrier "package" that, if it contains only ships, could be put inside a ship bay.