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Monday, August 9, 2010

Not much realy

For all the people outraging at the "74 Plex" goes poof thing. I'd like to point out a few things.

1) Compared to a Titan - it's not much. People cheer when those go poof.

2) It's about what a Mothership runs as I recall.

3) If someone had used the plexes to buy one of the above two ships, no one would be making a comment on the internet.

4) There is no reason to move Plex around except for arbitrage - which is an in game gamble with in game items. There are more expensive things to arbitrage with. Buying Battleship BPOs, researching them then dragging them to 0.0 to put up on sale comes to mind.

5) There are more intelligent ships to use to move stuff around and avoid suicide gankers. Plex are rather small items. Using something a little more resilient than a T1 frigate to move around would only be sensible.

6) In the famous words of Oveur: "It was never meant to be cost effective - it's just a giant dick". CCP has time and again designed things in this game which are the equivalent of giving you enough rope to hang yourself. This guy sounds like the type of guy who if I said "go jump off a bridge" would.

7) There is no reason to move Plex around. They can be used remotely from any station in the universe. These guys were gambling on an arbitrage move. buying cheap plex somewhere other than Jita and moving them to Jita to dump on buy orders.

If this was an alliance OP, they trusted the wrong pilot to do the moving. Simple as that. Also - if they were personally redeeming the plex - there's no reason to have them spawn on the main who's in say 0.0 and then move it to Jita. Just make sure one of your alts is in Jita and have that alt redeem the plex. Safer - easier - and suicide gank proof.

Once an item is in game - and it leaves a station it's destructible. Heck Titans and Motherships are always vulnerable - they can never dock in a station. EVE does not have wear and tear. It's the destruction that keeps the economy humming. How you husband your resources is your responsibility. The problem with our society is that people do not take responsibility for their actions. In EVE suicide ganking is considered part of the game play (however much people revile it - it is). The deal is YOU are responsible for taking a plex out of a station if you put it in your cargo hold and hit the un-dock button. Also once you give something to someone else it's gone from your control. End of story. You may get something back or you may get an equivalent remuneration back but there are no guarantees and EVE is setup that way.

The only thing that is special about PLEX is that they can be redeemed for game time, an the only way to create them is to use real world cash. There are ways of using them that do not involve moving them, so anyone moving them is taking a totally unnecessary risk. Why they would choose to do that is their problem.


Regner said...

Thank you for speaking some sanity.

Selina said...

The part a lot of people seem to be missing is that this guy didn't just get randomly scanned and ganked. I mean, it's not too bright to move that much value in one go through Jita. However, as was his case, it's unquestionably complete stupidity to move that much value in one go... through Jita... while under an active war dec... by regular Jita campers.