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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping wormhole space clean

I logged on quickly last night early in the evening and I managed to totally redo my Barren planet's PI layout. It only has to last until we pull out but I wanted a higher production of Oxygen and Bacteria. That done and all the extractors re-started, I went on to to do some other things.

Later on I logged back in and went to check the class 1 next door. Uninhabited but there were two cans cluttering up d-scan... Damn litter bugs. So I decide to see if I can find the darn things. Sure enough some intelligent use of the d-scan allowed me to localize the GSCs at a moon. Since there were no towers this made it relatively safe to warp to. Unlike yesterday's Brutix.

Sure enough, Two cans. Sitting in space. Clogging up the system and creating lag. Can't have that now can we. So, keeping an eye on things I un-cloak and begin laying in with the artillery. Damn do GSCs have a lot of structure. About 2 h and 2000-ish rounds of EMP M later I had the entire system scanned and there was no more space trash laying around.

What have you done lately to keep you system clean and reduce lag?

That was prety much it for the rest of the evening so I logged off. Some times it's not about making isk, just about shooting stuff. It helps that the only stuff I had around that could conceivably be hauled was the salvage and loot from yesterday's Brutix.


Latro said...

Two hours!!!! Sir, your dedication to a greener space environment is exceedingly commendable. Hat's off. :-)

Letrange said...

It would have gone faster in my PvE loki instead of my cloaky loki but the ammo expenses would have been higher.

KeroZelvin said...

Using an Ishtar for this sort of thing is ideal. 5 Ogre II's can put out serious damage and don't use up ammo.

Kename Fin said...

Heh, what started as a long comment turned into a short post at:

Shoot It Clean

Thanks for doing your part.