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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And EVE's most borring war is over

And the war with Ghengis YAAAARGH is over. It died due to non-payment of the CONCORD bribe. A most dis-satisfying war. Let's go over the sequence of events:

1) One of my pilots learns that concord will kill your ship if you pod kill someone you're not at war with in high-sec.

2) We do the POS bash thing in the grotto (and learn that Cruise Missile Batteries are FAIL).

3) We get a wardec from a 4 char corp with a rather young CEO (note: this costs 50mil isk since we are an alliance).

4) Right before the war goes live I get the usual extortion attempt (right, I've got more PvP'ers than indies and the indies are mostly in wormholes so they have been getting their PvP on for the last 6 months and are best described as carebears that no longer care) (oh and please list the 17 newbies we're supposed to have... twit) (and the story keeps changing depending on who he's talking to - Goon trained - being paid to wardec us etc....)

5) From what I can determine the initial engagement(s) go as follows: He kills 1 barge (set out as bait) and gets killed in turn 4 times. (figure the barge was what? 8-10mil and he lost 1-1.5mil flying frigates).

6) Further encounters involve him logging in, running and logging out. Figure we spent 2-3 mil in locator agents.

7) The wardec elapses with a whimper.

So in the end he spent about 51.5mil (estimate) and we "spent" 10-13mil (estimate). This did not significantly interrupt our operations. Heck our boys have more problems when a wormhole ends up in a high sec island and they have to traverse low sec for a few jumps to get something done.

At this point I'm going to assume the was simply trying the "extort/scam" thing against our alliance and failed miserably.


Anonymous said...

Ok, So I move my industrial down from Emol and my PVP down from Emol, We have a WAR! I get to shoot something! All that time, lost trying to get my faction bird and got all excited over this useless putz's war. He is going on my personal, low sec, shoot first and laugh later list.

I email this putz and tell him Thank you!

He tells me that our CEO should pay to help with the war. My first thought, WTF?! I don't get it. See email thread below.

Re: Re: Re: THANK YOU!
From: Ghengis YAAAARGH
Sent: 2010.01.05 06:23
To: Chi nwi,

Not asking for money, but if your alliance leader decides to fight back, then it costs me nothing as well as you.

From: Chi nwi
Sent: 2010.01.05 05:57
To: Ghengis YAAAARGH,

Cool, so now I am confused, you Wdecd an Alliance for what.. 50M (say 1 day ratting in 0.0) and you want us to help you pay for the war dec?

Why did you Wdec us for?

From: Ghengis YAAAARGH
Sent: 2010.01.05 05:31
To: Chi nwi,

Np, I hope your alliance makes it mutual so it is cheaper for me isk wise.

From: Chi nwi
Sent: 2010.01.05 05:17
To: Ghengis YAAAARGH,

I needed some targets, I have not been in 0.0 in a while and I am itchy!!!!.

Letrange said...

I really need to dig up that convo he initiated with me 1h before the fighting went live....

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

You forgot Havegun's awesomely sexy looking Drake kill.... with a Tristan :))

Letrange said...

Ah but that wasn't part of the war proper....

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Oh? Oh well, sexy kill nonetheless! :)