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Saturday, January 2, 2010

General notes:

1) I'm going thru a bit of an EVE burnout ATM. The corp CEOs of the alliance have been advised and we've talked about it so the alliance is in their hands for the next while.

2) I've had to put some restrictions on anonymous posting and moderation for posts older than a certain amount of time due to too much spam in the comments recently. Sorry about that Sp4m.

3) I'll be posting much less than normal until I recover from the burnout. So I need to get in touch with CK and see about removing me from the blog pack while I'm posting less often.

4) I'll still be on EVE from time to time to do the old skill changes and what not. Hopefully by the time I'm active again my BS weapons skills will be in T2 territory and I won't feel like such a putz as a BS driver....

5) *sigh* time to go dive into those old posts and remove all the spam - with 350 odd posts that might take a while....


Latro said...

It happens to everyone. Enjoy the New Year.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Let cannot get lost too far cuz I can always go see him in person to shake him up :))

Take all the time you need dude :)