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Monday, September 14, 2009


All the plans of mice and men and all that. Since my last post, I made some decisions about what I needed to do. Namely get a list of ships and POS modules and BPOs I feel I need to get in place in order to get back in the saddle again.

The biggest immediate move is to get my PvE Cyclone out of storage and get it prepped for wormhole work again. The next is to get a mix of PvP cruiser sized ships ready (both T1 and T2 equipped). I really need to get working on those frontier grav and ladar sites in order to get the isk rolling again. I've also decided that the high sec manufacturing plant is diverting too much of my attention from going after sites and working with others so that's getting closed down.

So I'm in the middle of planning and starting to move things around in order to get things straightened out when...

Some high sec greifer corp war-dec one of the alliances high sec alt research corps. Brilliant move. So my plans get put asside for a weekend of real life interfering with PvP. Wonderful fun. So my weekend happened in snap shots. Stories about various engagements both before and after the alt corp joined the alliance. The almost instant dropping of the original war deck as the greifer corp suddenly realized they chewed off more than they could handle. Using locator agents to find out where these guys fly to. Locating their low sec POS. Getting my battery typhoon setup.

As you all know we're a mixed bag of pilots in my alliance. Some serious experience and a mix of mid-life and newbie pilots. The sad truth is that we tend to have more Osprey pilots than Basilisk. Shield repping a POS with mostly normal fit ospreys is enough to drive most pilots insane. There is however a trick. Refit the ospreys with 3 large and 1 medium shield transport modules (or three large or two large and two medium if your skills are not quite there yet fit wise - yes you will need CPU modules). Then fit out a BS with as many Large Remote Energy Transfer modules as you can conceivably perma-run. (Cap Recharger II and PSU II and Egress Port Maximizers as I recall). Setup correctly you can keep one osprey powered per pair of energy transfer mods. Each osprey effectively becomes half a Basilisk (there are known fits where a fully skilled Basilisk pilot can permarun 6 large shield transporters). Which is much better than a bunch of medium shield transporter Ospreys trying to rep a POS.

So by today all wardecs are over and I can get back to getting shit put in order. Fun Fun.


Altaree said...

just so I am sure... alt corp get war deced, joins your alliance, twerps pull back their war dec and you guy go splash the twerps POS? Nicely done.

Unknown said...

Insane, mind numbing that whole osprey with one repper thing. now with the new setup, rocking, could see the red bar moving. must get more Skillz


Letrange said...

Well we didn't splash their POS but we know where it is. Unfortunately they also know that we know and so on. Man I hope local goes bye bye in low sec/0.0 one day.