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Monday, September 21, 2009

Caffeine please

Sunday morning got me up a little early. Seems to be the same for various of my pilots. Much caffeine was called for. Amusing anecdotes about pilots reporting that they shocked their significant others "I can never get you up this early on a Sunday but you do it for a game???". This says more about the level of hate carebears have for griefers than it does about Sunday morning sleeping habits I think.

At any rate scouting revealed that the enemy had discovered our little present. After an aborted attempt to repair things (which mirrored their aborted attempt to put the alt corp POS into reinforced), they proceeded to evacuate what they could. Since my pilots were still waking up, we held off from trying to interrupt this. No reason to screw up an already fairly successful operation and we stuck to our plan. A much smaller fleet (only 17 at high water mark) went into action on schedule and we rolled in on their POS for the second time.

Took out the small gun they managed to online (we had ignored an offline gun the night before). And settled in to bash away and wait to see if they would try and oppose us in any way. Turns out not. The only organized oposition we encountered was some obviously beyond bored BNC (yes that ex-BoB corp that was involved in the downfall of BoB) pilots that came by in their stealth bombers. Guys, really, what were you thinking? You almost lost that SB and you barely dented that cruisers shields... Would someone mention to these guys that SB's changed a few patches ago? They are no longer the cruise missile spamming frigate and cruiser killers of yore.

The traffic situation is interesting in Tabbetzur. It's one of the low sec pipes used by russian alliances and there were plenty of occasional Russian pilots flying by. We didn't bother them, they didn't bother us. But we could tell by the people popping in and out of local that there was curiosity as to our doings.

Sure enough after a while down went the tower. We swooped in and offlined all 7 modules we could. Turns out that the 20minute ones are longer than the global criminal flag we had. How convenient. There was also a 1h offline time for a medium intensive refining array. Basically I made the decision that when the last module except the refining array was picked up we would make our way to high sec and call the op. If one of the pilots wanted to snag that last module they could (the corp hangar array, ship maintenance array, mobile lab, and various assembly arrays and that stasis webifier battery were sufficient for us I figured, no reason to get greedy). The op ended up with one tower kill, and about 300mil of modules picked up for the loss of two cyno boats. Once again the lack of fight in these enemies puts them fairly and squarely in the griefer class and I slept better than ever Sunday night.

The most hillarious part of this op was witnessed after I had logged off to get on with my day. One of the scout pilots had slapped together an Itty II with a cloak in hopes of waiting out the remaining 40min on the refinery array. I figured he would not be able to get it - low sec being low sec but hey might be worth the chance. Turns out I was right. Soon after we left apparently word went out all over local low sec that we were gone. Soon enough my scout ended up being entertained by various pirate corps fighting over the 42.5mil refinery array. Final losses were one blockade runner and a Phobos(I'd love to see the kill mails on those). I'm not even sure if anyone ended up with the refinery array. I am reminded of two packs of hyenas squabbling over the remains of a lion kill after the lions have moved away. My scout lost his itty 2 to a gate camp on the way back to high sec, but figures the entertainment value of watching the pirates kill each other over the array and the incapacitated batteries was more than well worth it (the dude was killing himself laughing apparently).

I finished my weekend mining over 10k of Arkonor in wormhole space. All in all a pretty satisfying weekend. No cap losses, the cap pilots got to shot things, everyone had fun and we don't have to call any Monday evening ops.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Great work boss! :)

Chalud said...

Ha! Great fun had by all. :-)