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Friday, September 25, 2009

Lost in space (but not for long)

At one point late last night I decided to pop a neibouring wormhole in our wormhole system. 3 orca cycles, 1 BS cycle and a bunch of cruiser cycles and I get unlucky and end up on the wrong side of the wormhole. It was bound to happen one day but as per policy all my ships that transit wormholes except barges/exhumers are always equipped with a scan probe launcher.

CCP: we realy need barges/exhumers with a utility high at some point...

But I digress. Now I found myself in an un-explored (cuz we hadn't bothered) but populated class 4 wormhole system (lucky it seemed to be the local inhabitants downtime). Since I knew this was a possibility I was flying one of my "T1M0" throw away cruisers when this happened. At this point the decision is pretty straight forward: suicide and get back to BBW (name of the system I had not gotten back to) post haste or probe my way out.

If there was a pressing reason to do so I would have suicided and gone that route. But I was not needed immediately anywhere. Sure I had planned to do some mining, but you can do mining anytime you're not PvP'ing or running sleeper sites so it's not like that was any more pressing than usual. On top of that I'd never managed to get myself "lost" in wormhole space before. Hark! adventure calls!

So I pop out the probes and get scanning. I find an easy access K162 and end up in a class 5 system that is heavily populated. Yikes, back to the class 4. Some more scanning managed to find another wormhole to a class 3. Ooo, nice, it's uninhabited. Some quick scanning in this class 3 and I get lucky and I get a wormhole to a 2nd class 3. It's also uninhabited. More scanning and I get a class 1, now class 1's probably have a higher chance to get to known space.

This is where things get a little tedious. 15! ladar sites later (I'm not scanning them down to 100% just recording the sig when it hits 25%+ and moving on), I finally find a wormhole to 0.0 space. So I pop out and where do I find myself?

Paragon Soul. Deep Paragon Soul. Pardon the expression but that's like saying "the deep beyond of butt**** nowhere". 84jumps to home base... Oh wait a sec.

/me fiddles with his autopilot settings

Ah, only 72 jumps to home base (only 16 of which are in high sec). That's better (not by much). So the decision: It's late, about an hour and a half before i go to bed. Go back in and try to keep scanning for a better known space connection? or go with the journey that looks like it'll carve a swath through Period Basis, Delve and Querious?

/me fiddles with his map settings for pilots online

Humm, looking mighty dead in goon space, they must all be up in high sec suicide ganking hulks. Might as well. So off I go. I mean look It's an adventure, I'm in a T1 cruiser (Stabber) with T1 Metalevel 0 modules and an updated clone with no implants in my head right? Might as well go for it. Worse that could happen was that I get caught in a gate camp and get the all expenses paid express trip home to the home base. So I rename my ship to Forlorn Hope and off I go.

Even though I'm neutral to prety much all of 0.0. Which means exactly squat since just about everyone out here is NBSI. Except for providence where I'm apparently KOS, again not that this changes much since the incident that resulted in that happened in Catch - dont' get me stated on CVA's hypocritical stance of simply declaring all neutrals that are in gangs of more than 1 hostile and apparently catch is now theirs as well.

Most excitement I had on the whole trip? Finding out that KIA still had a system in Period Basis (thought they were up in Geminate). Running into a kestrel in low sec (where the alliance policy is NRDS so I didn't even bother trying to target him, while I was ratting 3 gate rats. Yep it was that dead, I decided to linger in low sec ratting at a gate. That 1 neutral frigate in low sec was the entire sum total of what I ran into during those 56 jumps through 0.0 and low sec.

Tired but amused, I dock at the high sec base and call it a night.


Unknown said...

The Play by Play on eve voice was good entertainment. kept me awake while i was figureing out how to use the market (mabey)


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Tour de Let :))

You should've tackled/frakked that Kestrel to break the boredom :))

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

"Only 72 jumps"???

I probably would have podded myself haha, even 50 jumps is too long for me!