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Monday, September 28, 2009

Minmatar are looking at some changes

As we all know, the Minmatar faction has been languishing as far as their armament goes. If one religiously follows the development channels one can find out various interesting (but not yet final things). It looks like the even the normal Typhoon and Tempest will be getting some love in the next expansion.

Oh, and artillery, and projectile ammo.


Proposed Tyhpoon/Tempest changes (should be on Sisi to try out soon)
Proposed projectile changes (Log in to see the graph, thank you CCP Nozh)

All in all I'm very interested in these being a Minmatar specialist. I think the proposed 5/5 split for the Typhoon is going to actually make it slightly newbie friendlier (not by much but every bit counts).


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Cozmik does the Happy Dance :))

Thorvik said...

I wish they would show a little love to Rockets as well. We have this extra slot in Minmatar ships (esp. Rifters) that begs for a Rocket Launcher yet when you use it's just ... meh.

Letrange said...

I suspect that rockets will eventually receive some love. At which point the Breacher may actually be worth taking.

Yankunytjatjara said...

Hi Letrange,

I'm looking forward to change my Eve life. I've been following your blog and I was wondering what you'd think of a mainly pvp pilot, who can help with pve when it's needed and to grab a little income if needed, who would stay in WH space and use the WHs to go plunder 0.0 or lowsec. Would that be detrimental to your alliance, ruining standings and so? Do you have a long list of blues to respect?

Yankunytjatjara said...

Also - are there enough EU players to have a good amount of fun ops in any of your alliance corps? As long as I'm willing to lose some nights, I'm married... And I can't afford a divorce ^_^'

Letrange said...

We are officially NRDS in low sec and NBSI in 0.0. My experience with mainly PvP pilots is that you'd be bored pretty quickly under our rules of engagement. Not to mention if we go deep, the PvP drops off even more.