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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Closing down the alliance wide T3 project

Well it's outlived it's usefulness and it's become a major time sink and drag personally so I've decided to close down the alliance level T3 project. This does not mean that we'll be leaving wormhole space any time soon, but on the other hand it will free up my play time to you know go kill things and mine things.

All in all it's been an interesting experiment. Next time I do something this big I'll be splitting it up between various people much better. Now to go split up those billions of isk in resources and T3 BPCs and billions of isk between the various shareholders.

This means that various T3 manufacturers in the alliance will be able to go and plan their own manufacturing plans at their own pace and I won't be a bottle neck controlling things any longer. It also means I will be able to concentrate on such things as my sadly neglected corp and things like that.

For myself personally I'll be getting the T3 Reverse engineering skills at some point soon and be able to generate my own BPCs from relics soon enough. Then it'll be on to ship and combat skills for quite a while over winter.

Heavy Assault Ships 4 finishes soon.


Slayfoe said...

Letrange, can you share with me how you get blogger to give you a wide page for your blog, I can only get a narrow column...

Letrange said...

change the default template to one that is wide

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Gratz on a job well done! Setting up all the POSes and getting the logistics in place for the T3 project was nothing short of a job.

Hey, is this when my shares get turned into a nice pile of ISKies? :)

Quivering Palm said...

Hey Letrange,

Pretty off topic here but not sure how to let you know of this - feel free to delete this comment after you read it.

Just wanted to let you know that we plugged your blog and the great work you've done on sharing some of your wormhole-fu over at the Planet Risk Show on episode 4. You might want to check it out over at

Cheerz & keep up the great work!

Letrange said...

Plan is to auction off the resources by sunday so monday you should be recieving a pile o'iskies.

no need to delete, and thanks. I'll check it out.