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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not as good as i was hoping but good enough

Once again some sections

What I did:

Wow did those sites disappear. Once I logged on I did a scan of the new "Emo Town" system (it's a black hole system, hence the name). All the previous sites that remained disappeared. I suspect this is a clue to the wormhole site re-spawn mechanics. See my wormhole spawn theory section.

The next thing I did was find the class 1 system that is connected. Turns out it was un-inhabited. I proceeded to scan it down and ran a Radar site and about 1/3rd of a cloud in the ladar site in Emo Town. I did find a mistake in fitting my loaner gas harvester Stabber. I forgot the Survey Scanner I... Doh!

Then one of the alliance newbies who arrived in Emo Town wanted a taste of sleeper combat to see how they compared to high sec mission rats. So I helped him learn the Sleeper ropes by running a combat site with him. Note to self: It's time to update the wormhole BC to a proper T2 equipped BC and stop having my current issues with the sleepers. I'll get a HAS and run them in ZZZZ mode once I finish skilling up for it. However it did allow me to prove to myself that newbies operating in BC in pairs/trios should be able to handle most perimeter wormhole sites. Solo is still iffy for the less than 5mil SP pilots unless they are tackling the only spaws at ladar and grav sites.

I also showed him the usefulness of proper salvaging destroyers for cleaning up wreck sites after the combat. "Wow, this is much faster than what I was doing". We also went over such sundry useful information as how to check the health of a wormhole. Darned useful to avoid getting stuck on the wrong side of a wormhole and general wormhole specific information like that.

What the alliance did:

I must admit I prety much left the alliance to do what it wanted to do. Some people worked on their missioning, some other on random wormhole operations. Others were keeping an eye on potential systems. All in all a prety steady pace of operations was maintained. I did not hear any cries of "I'm bored" so either they are avoiding me or they are learning to self direct.

Wormhole Spawn Theory

Basically it looks like about a week after a site is first scanned down it automatically re-spawns. So here is my Wormhole Site Theory (or is it Hypothesis?)

Site not scanned down: Never respawns
Site scanned down: Respawns 1 week after scanned down time.
Site started: Respawns 4 days after started.
Site finished: Respawns a few minutes after finished.

This mechanism would explain why we keep running into un-inhabited systems with massive amounts of sites in them. It's only after one scans down (either just the first scan or the 100% point, and I suspect the first scan) that the timer kicks in on them. and they eventualy move on. Otherwise they just keep piling up in un-inhabited systems until someone comes to visit them. And even then it'll be a week before they move on if no one does something to pop them faster.

The above kind of explains the observed phenomena of inhabited system respawn rates. The problem is of course we don't know the territories of specific sites. And it would be kind of hard to track them due to the dis-continuous nature of wormhole space.

Reverse Engineering Numbers

Well I finaly ran some numbers on the Malfunctioning vs Wrecked Reverse Engineering. The impact of the change in value of datacores is very interesting. Although I haven't checked the most recent values of Malf relics vs Wreck relics vs Datacore vs Raw Materials and so on but its looking like it's reaching close to a balance point. It's still more expensive per run to use wrecked relics to get your BPCs due mainly to the success ratio. But since the overall cost per run of BPC has dropped and the materials cost gone up (due to NIMs) it's now very feasible to reverse engineer Wrecked relics.

The main reason is actually coverage. Some times you get lucky and get a popular subsystem from a Malf Relic and can profit madly. But a lot of times you're missing quite a few subsystems in your list of BPC runs and get requests you can't fill. All the extra 3 run BPCs at least allow you to make sure you CAN fill a request (or a spot on the store shelves). I am finding that at the end of it you'll get quite a few more runs than you'll ever want to or be able to build. I do wish CCP would make it selectable since a lot of BPCs will be going to waste as it is now. Maybe next patch. We'll see.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'm bored Let... :))

Cj Didge said...

How do you check the health of a wormhole, or is that a secret :)

Letrange said...

Nope, if you check the eve-o forums in the exploration section, you'll find how to interpret the "show info" of a wormhole to give you a good feel for how dangerous it is to use.