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Monday, July 13, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I set up a new POS this weekend in a class 2 in hopes that that class 4 connection turns out to be a regular one. As is usual in wormhole operations, time will tell. This setup wasn't bad at all. My medium POS could have everything up in a single Orca trip. The second trip was to bring in a pile of loaner ships and an extra week of fuel. Not everything described in the previous post but a good portion.

At the end of the weekend I actualy got to do a bit of mining (mostly interrupted by some noob although honestly we need to work on our intercept solutions and the proper use of broadswords). Note to self: When scaring a noob in a drake with a stabber, make sure the HIC stays at the wormhole in the direction of the closest planet to the target.

Incidentaly, black hole systems are funky, realy messes up the maneuverability of all the ships. Great for afterburning away from missiles though.

I have finally reached a milestone in my research of my BPO collection. I'm down to ships. All the non-ship bpos except 2 have been researched and I'm left with mostly ships in my research slots. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Soon I will be able to slow down on the research side of things. I aslo picked up some of the more esoteric things one can pick up BPO wise. Such as interdiction sphere launchers (and their ammo), bomb launcher (and one of the bomb bpos - ouch they hurt the wallet).

The changes to the drops are having an interesting effect. We're actually reverse engineering all the pilled up wrecked relics we had. The malfunctioning reverse engineering resulted in about 50% coverage (i.e. we have the ability to build about 50% of the subsystems). The larger number of wrecked sourced BPCs should allow us to have coverage of plenty of stuff we are missing and should allow us to put up a "store" type operation when we decide on a location. The big problem will of course be the hulls and the NIMs.

I look forward to increasing activity in wormhole space this week.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

When scaring off noob in a Drake, make sure you have a proper gang to gank his ass :))