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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shaking things up a bit

After all the spreadsheet changes that the wonderful patch brought (*shudder*) I've got my corp's POS up in high sec for a rest and re-fit. Need to get my T1 manufacturing skillz working over time for a day or two to prep some utility disposables.

On the list: for each faction build:
1 x PvE scanner
1 x PvE salvager
1 x PvE hauler
1 x PvE mining frigate (for newbies)
1 x PvE mining cruiser (for newbies)
1 x PvE gas mining cruiser (5 x T1 gas miners)
2 x PvP cruisers
2 x PvP frigates

ORE faction:
2 x PvE Retreiver
2 x PvE Covetors

Prep all the above in containers for ease of deployment (frigates and modules go in GSCs, the rest get their modules and ammo placed in medium cans and their hulls packaged).

Then I'll need to load master the tower deployment plan. Something like:
Load1: stront, 1 week of fuel, Initial POS modules
Load2: 2 weeks of fuel, rest of POS modules start of frigate disposables
and so on...

Not to mention separate loadouts for my POS gunner/hauler/scanner alt. he goes in with the first wave and then stays but I need to make sure that all the utility craft that he'll need are preped and ready to go.

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