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Friday, July 24, 2009

And POS defense time

Sorry if I haven't posted recently but things got busy. A high sec based "wormhole PvP alliance" decided one of our small towers looked tasty. They put it into re-enforced before our reaction force could nail the wormhole. Since the enemy knows when it'll come out of re-enforced that's no secret. We'll see what happens if they managed to get their act together and come back and assault the tower today.

We managed to get a kill on one of their pilots operating solo in our space yesterday. So far our wormhole-fu seems to be working. I'll let you know if they manage to get into our space for phase 2. This does confirm what I stated earlier: Wormhole ops need a medium tower as a minimum defensible size. Small ones are just too easy to put into reinforced. You need a POS gunner ready at your POS to be able to defend it. So, some rather obvious lessons:

1) Don't stint on the POS itself.

2) Make sure some people skill up anchoring and get their Starbase Defense skill up to 4. Make sure to do this with any alts who's purpose is to stay at the POS and scan down exits.

3) Have backup gun positions ready to online the minute the original positions are taken offline.

4) Scanning alts should also skill up cloaking as they make great static observation points.

Point 4 was prety key in getting yesterday's kill. Although why the idiot tried to motor for the wormhole instead of simply warping to a planet after we killed his Raven? I have no clue. He was thru there often enough to get the book marks. So he has no excuse for letting himself get podded.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

This is where I say "Damn I hate this schedule situation!". I'll with you guys in spirit so please send these 'tards crying back to their mommies >:)

And dammit I PRAY they wardec us !!!

Jim said...

I am with you on this. I would offer to help in your defense, but there is no reason for you to trust me. Please report back on this as soon as you can, I am tracking your progress and am trying to get my corp to go into "W Space" for awhile. My thoughts are with you.

Jamie Balton (eve character name)