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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to organize my blog posts in sections so that they are a little less dis-organized. This might only last a single post but you never know.

What I did:
After finally getting setup in the new hole Sunday, I logged on last night and started scanning the differences. What does this mean? Doing an initial survey of a system can take quite a while. But once you have most of the Cosmic Signatures bookmarked, it's rather simple to launch probes, re-acquire existing bookmarks (probes on 0.5 AU is usually sufficient), eliminating those that are no longer there, then probe out the few new signatures. That's if someone hasn't left bookmarks for the changes already.

The results were: 4 new sites (3 of em wormholes and 1 new ladar), both other wormhole systems were inhabited and since we're not feeling particularly combative, live and let live prevailed. That last wormhole was the regular connection to high sec.

Then I managed to get 3 jet cans of ore (2 of Arkonor and 1 of Dark Ochre - I needed the nocx). Thankfully un-disturbed. At the end I had an orca full of 4 jetcans plus of ore and headed back to my main base. The Megacyte was sufficient to fully fill up my bunkers of that mineral (yay) and I'll be switching to Bistot tomorrow. The Nocxium was only 1/5 of my needs but still keeps me from being Noxium starved in my regular production.

What the alliance did:
Found another un-inhabited class 2 wormhole. Again the plan is to spend a few days running anomalies in there (37 - they'll be a while, they had only nailed 4 by the time I logged off). Integrity spent the evening training one of their newbies. We'll be getting them up to speed on wormhole ops as they are now showing up more frequently.

Blacksteel left the alliance last monday and we've hammered out a blue on blue standing which solves a lot of potential problems with the T3 project since although most of that corp stayed in high sec and didn't get involved, a few pilots were heavily involved.

We're still looking for a better wormhole system to setup a permanent camp. I'm being picky about it. Various T3 hulls and subsystems are being built in various locations. The reverse engineering is progressing full steam. We only acheived about 50% coverage on the subsystems using malfunctioning relics. With the massive drop in value of datacores and the massive pile of wrecked relics we had been accumulating I dumped 179 reverse engineering attempts on my reverse engineering dude (poor guy). This should give us "Coverage". Coverage referes to the ability to make sure all subsystems are manufactureable. The plan is then to establish a full "T3 Store" style operations somewhere out of Jita. Basicaly all hulls and subsystems available in that store. Due to the NIM bottleneck though it will be a while before we get all the modules up on sale I suspect, once they are up we'll operate by a "build as they sell" style of production. The real overhead is getting this all up and running. Should take a while.

Skill progress:
Don't know if I reported it but I finaly finished getting the skills to manufacture Minmatar T3 Hulls (Loki). Since others in the alliance can reverse engineer, and manufacture the rest of the factions, This has allowed me to take a break and finaly get some non-manufacturing skills back on track. Dabbled a bit in some short term skills getting Heavy Assault Ship, Transport and Industrial Command up to 3 each, as well as Gas Harvesting 4. But I'm finally going to take some time and get Evasive Maneuvering 5. 9 days from now I'll be able to learn the Interceptor skill and be able to finally fly all T2 Minmatar Frigates. Yay!


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

- When you get HAC IV you'll love Vagas :)

- When you get Evasive Maneuvering V and Interceptors I, I will GIVE you a Stiletto or a Claw (your choice) even if you can buy a crapload of 'em !!!

Freddy Facepalm said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like good progression on all fronts. Best of luck with the wormhole exploration!

(sorry for the double post, damn I'm a newb)

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

I like this new way of listing what you did, it is really organized and informative!

Keep doing what you guys are doing! I may just want to join your alliance someday :)