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Monday, July 20, 2009

Content instead of a Spreadsheet

By some miracle of science (thank god for bottlenecks) I actually got to play the game of EVE instead of the spreadsheet of EVE for a good part of the weekend.

What I did:

Since I'm mainly in Emo Town these days, it was a question of checking Emo Town for any new sites. Running those. Then finding where the class 1 had gotten itself to and checking it out. Running sites in there.

Got some gas mining done, got a Radar site done, got various combat sites done. Any site that was not on the alliance Wiki I made sure to document the spawn patterns and any pertinent details about ships (for example Awakened Escorts are not as tough as Awakened Patrollers but do fight from father away so they take some chasing down).

At one point I did the trip back to high sec to bring some of my T3 loots back and to handle the bookkeeping on the T3 Project. Just need to get some Polymers from one of my industrialists and it'll be the Proteus's time to get "store-ified".

What my Alliance did:

Some of the newbie/less wormhole experienced pilots made their way to Emo Town. I got to run with quite a few of them and it was a lot of fun showing newbies the ropes of survival in wormhole space. As is usual with newbies - head sets are a bit iffy. Hopefully this will solve itself with time.

Two more towers made their way into BBW. BBW is an other wormhole system that we have now settled in. It will hopefuly prove to be the hub of expeditions into the more dangerous classes of wormhole space. As mentioned above sent off some project gasses for some Polymerization.

Paw's grotto did not see a lot of action this weekend as the pilots who are it's main population were sideswiped by real life.

T3 stuff:

Since handing off the sales side of the T3 operation to two of the senior pilots in the alliance, I've been concentrating on the production side of the equasion. The lack of NIMs will hopefully solve itself with the operations in BBW. At last count we have the ability to manufacture 19 hulls and over 500 subsystems. Yes my reverse engineer has been a busy bunny. Yet we still don't have full coverage of all 80 subsystems in the game. Hardly surprising actualy but still. Makes for some holes in the ability to manufacture subsystems. I suspect that it's a good thing that the cost of reverse engineering has gone down as quite a few of these runs will never get built.

I hope that we get to the point where we can choose the result of the reverse engineering just like in invention. As some of the very old inventors commented, they still have BPCs of un-popular modules/ships from the days when they could not chose the results of invention. And it's been what? at least a year since they put that ability in. We may get the same results unless CCP Chronotis relents. I'd actualy count that as more important than the NIM bottleneck. Although that itself is a pain.


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