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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Relaxing in WH space

Well as the settled system I was operating out of went to a high sec island, giving me the excuse not to travel to HQ I needed, I was able to get some serious WH bouncing going. Found that there were 3 wh connected to the system.

1st one was the standard exit to high sec. An island this time. *shrug*
2nd was an X702 leading to low sec. Meh, didn't feel like ganking pirates.
3rd was an other Wormhole system. Humm now we're talking.

Ok, time to go exploring, I let another pilot running combat sites in the settled system know and off I go in my trusty probe of easily replaced scanning (It really doesn't feel Minmatar unless you're flying something that could be blown up by sneazing on it).

Quick tour of the system map and the relevant planets reveals that this system is un-occupied. Had an M267 connection to our own system, so still no clue what class I'm in. Pop the probes and cloak up...

Plenty of anomalies but only 5 sigs, anomalies indicate this is probably a class-5 or 6. Running down the sigs I find 2 more wh's and 2 sites (1 ladar - can't gas mine personally and we have plenty of reserves of those gasses - meh, 1 radar - but we don't have the forces present to go for it - bummer). Both wh go to further wh systems (incidentaly confirming that I'm in a class 5 atm).

At this point the other pilot joins in for some wh exploration in his Helios. He picks one of the new holes and I pick the other.

Once again a non-inhabited system. Woah, reverse of the previous system, plenty of sigs, few anomalies. Once again I fire up the scanner and start running down the sigs. Eventualy i find 2 grav sites, an other ladar site (meh again) and a 0.0 connection (again incidentaly confirming that I'm in an other class 5).

My buddy got unlucky and the hole he chose went to an inhabited system. After almost "oopsing his ship at a POS", he comes back and heads for the new wh system I'm in with the intention of exploring in 0.0 for shits and giggles.

At this point I decide - humm about an hour and a half left before it's time for bed, time for a few jet cans of Arkonor. So I kick off one of the grav sites (i.e. warp to it so that it's spawn cycle kicks off). Head back to the settled system and grab my Jaguar, while dropping off wh bookmarks of the route to my hauler alt. Back and kill the spawns (updating the alliance wiki with spawn information as i go), back for a salvager, salvage the stuff, back for one of the spare covetors and settle in to suck on some Arkonor.

So making liberal use of the d-scanner, I settle in for some nice wh mining while listening to the further exploration adventures of the other pilot. The nice thing about being experienced is that we know when holes are dangerous and when not. All holes along the route stayed nice and stable all during the operation. 5000 units of Arkonor and 60000 of Scordite (just to finish off that last trip) later I head back to the settled system and log for the night.

Note that that was about 3 jet cans of Arkonor - current market value at what? 20mil per jetcan or so? Not bad for some relaxing exploration followed by some un-interrupted mining.

It's always fun when you go deep diving in wormhole space. You never know what you'll find - heck so far we've got a spare Thanny and a loaded Obie out of just such jaunts.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

LOL nice :)

Colobock said...

a program called Wormhole Thingie gives info on the system and on the different hole volumes and such.

Letrange said...

@mars - yep we've got a link to it on our wiki, but we already had a section on the wormhole sizes and lifecycles from the early lists.

Godlesswanderer said...

I should really get into all this wormhole business. Sounds really interesting and like a lot of fun.

Kename Fin said...

Hey there Godless, you really should. I've recently begun to explore wormholes and lead a section of our corp in to set up shop.