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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EvE and the Propaganda wars

«Il n'y a que deux puissances au monde, le sabre et l'esprit: à la longue, le sabre est toujours vaincu par l'esprit.» - Napoleon Bonaparte
EvE has it's wars. And as with real life, it's not always the strongest that win the wars but often the most tenacious. It is very interesting in EvE the way that sometimes the morale of the pilots has much more to do with who wins a war than the number of SP of the pilots.

Whether Kenzoku is retreating to empire or not, I cannot say. Goonspin would have us belive this to be the case. But I can't help feeling that BoB was conquered due to morale issues more than militarely. Goonswarm simply broke their will to fight.

I remember when the corp with obviously more senior pilots decided to place a POS in the system we had occupied. I knew going into the fights (putting the tower into reinforced and later assautling the tower as it came out of reinforced) that we'd take losses as we were inexperienced with POS assaults. Indeed we did. 8 Battleships died to secure that tower's death. We did managed to kill 2 Tech II cruisers, but I thought that with the losses we gave up we'd see them again. I remember thinking "Ok, this is the a PvP corp out of 0.0 and their indy friends, all they are looking for is fights so we'll see more of them soon enough, they still have a scout in system. We're giving them killmails they'll be back." Imagine my surprise when they failed to show up again. As it became apparent that they weren't coming back, I asked on of my CEOs: "Don't tell me we broke their will to fight".

Of course as Napoleon also pointed out that victory is easy, profiting from it is much trickier. Time will tell if the various victors (and the current lack of Kenzoku sovereignty is a yard stick to measure the victory by) can profit from the situation and cement their supremacy or whether they fall to bickering and strife. Time and the shifting landscape will tell.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Kenny in Empire... funny how things turn out!

To come back to our own much smaller fight, I was one of the BS victims (lost my first ever Tempest there) when someone on the other side decided I was primary after scaring the crap out of a Falcon. But as our losses mounted one thing remained clear: these jokers were going to lose their tower that night no matter what! And with that attitude, also helped with late night going into early morning for any european player, we blew the crap out of the tower. It was an expensive op (and armor-tankers learned not to armor tank in a pulsar) but even if the ISK efficiency was out the window, the op was still successful.

Unknown said...

Turn out? Bob's been to Empire before.

They'll prolly be back. Last time they came back to 0.0 from empire, they became the dominant single 0.0 alliance for consecutive years.