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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The satisfaction of an alliance pulling together

As the regular readers know, I un-mothballed the alliance a few weeks ago. Since I've also indicated a change in direction for the alliance and new overall objectives with the idea of using W-Space as a mechanism to keep the combat pilots interested and occupied (harder to do in High Sec without them becoming pirates or griefers or just leaving for low sec/0.0).

Starting up an alliance is a bit of a chicken and egg operation if you're doing it from high sec. This is mainly because your pool of available combat pilots is rather restricted depending on your objectives. So as a leader you look at your options and set some realistic objectives for what you have on hand.

Then you start making your pilots aware of the changes (note that I made sure they are aware of what they are getting into before I re-activate the alliance). But you're never sure how the various corps and pilots will adapt to the new regime. Will they all hang together and do things as an alliance or will it just be a group of corps doing their own thing. As a leader you worry about this things, although there's not a lot you can do except lead by example.

So last night as I was stuck in a high sec station making long time love with my spreadsheets, I was gratified to hear that without my prompting various corps had spontaneously gone on ops in w-space multiple times and that very good things were accomplished. Even with the loss of one of the pilot's Myrmidons to a random player BS fight, it was a successful evening. And I didn't have to herd cats, or harangue or anything.

As for me? Part of the evening was spent in talks with other corps, part trying to work out a T3 Resource scheme that would be fair and equitable to all the pilots involved in getting said resources out of w-space. Planning out the transformation of said resources into T3 Production. Spreadsheets were involved. The combat oriented probably went screaming away when I said that. Didn't get to undock all evening. But as has been observed - EVE is a complex, very complex, game. It's part of it's appeal. To some of us. Probably only about 4% of us according to Dr. E. I still find it amazing that only 4% of EVE consistently manufacture stuff. Some of us like this kind of stuff I guess.

Still all in all a good evening for the alliance and that made me quite happy even if I was stuck doing the CEO stuff.


Cyron said...

I consistently manufacture stuff. But due to time constraints and the fact that most of my t2 building is high turnover modules that take less than 24 hours to build, there will always be some days in a month when I haven't had manufacturing jobs running 24 hours straight.

I'm a builder as my main focus, but I don't get included in that 4% figure, so I wouldn't read too much in to it.

Cj Didge said...

@Cyron why wouldnt you get included in that 4% figure?

For me i reached a milestone recently of passing 1000 frigates built 'and sold for a profit over mineral/tax/manufacture/broker cost' so i have my own spreadsheet which is growing rapidly into many pages. And i enjoy it most out of all the things i do. PVP'ers might find it boreing but we make the shit they need.

On a side note ive noticed i wont give that spreadsheet out to anyone even my ceo.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'm so happy to have crazies like you to build all the stuff that I will blow up, or get blown up, in mere seconds :))