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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bemused amusement

So I've been in 0.0 for over a month now. And up till this weekend I've been unable to make use of my manufacturing skills in 0.0 (various reasons just take it as a given). This was not particularly problematic for me as my reason to be down in 0.0 was to observe how 0.0 alliances operate on the PvP side of things as opposed to the industrial side of things.

My original intention had been to keep myself in T1 ships and modules by my own resources. Due to the lack of facilities available, I eventually donated the BPC collection to my host corp as a thank you for allowing me to experience 0.0. Since I will be going back up to empire sometime this week, I figured it would reduce the amount of stuff I need to bring up and at the same time.

Then I a saw "can anyone make xxx large ammo for our POS operations" in alliance chat. After re-directing him to the now holder of the BPCs, wouldn't you know it they needed someone with the manufacturing skills to actually make the ammo... So it was with high amusement that I got to gum up the available manufacturing slots at the instructions of various alliance CEOs for the next 4 days.

Once those jobs are done I'll be passing over the goods and heading on up to empire. Should be tomorrow night. At which time I will get busy with the preparations for un-mothballing the alliance. The web site has got it's initial configuration consisting of a forum, a killboard (oh the fun of updating it when Apocrypha comes out) and a wiki.

We'll see how it goes from there.

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