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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ka-Zinnnnng, Crash, Bang, booooom...

And there you see the shattered hopes of the tech 2 moon crud market. It was confirmed today that there will be NO moon minerals in W-Space.

After trying to project in my head the warfare consequences of moon minerals in W-Space I must admit that I'm of two minds about this development. On one hand I've got the part of me that says: "awwwww, no T2 moon crud", but then there's the part that says: "At least we won't be fighting the Russians for moons in W-space".

In the end I think it was the right decision. Exactly how this all pans out will really depend on the hybrid gas bottleneck. Pirates will be annoyed, it just cut down by half the amount of targets they could find in W-space.

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Anonymous said...

Best decision ever. The only ones who would have an easy time with logistics and W-space are big alliances thanks to the jump bridges, that would give them the chance to move around 0.0 fastly to get to this week's exit wormhole.

And they already have lots of dyspro...

I'm very happy about it and I sense something changing in how CCP looks at moons. Who would take a bet that they'll risk the wrath of the old players (few and not paying) and randomize moonmins?

That's quite a move, I agree, but lately they've been very newbie friendly... And I can't but see the wisdom of this.