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Monday, March 16, 2009

Stuck in Wormhole Space

Weeeeeee, managed to get our little squadron stuck in wormhole space this night. Two got out to switch ships to handle a gas cloud excavation when the wormhole closed behind them trapping the rest of us.

Personally I'm glad I stuck to my own orders and had a T1 Meta0 Cruiser. I think last time I calculated it my net loss should I decide to self destruct will be 1.65mil or so (mind you add in the clone). I also have no implants in this clone. I've got probes but those can take a bit to nail a site since they are not in a dedicated ship. And there are a lot of sites to go thru -.-;

Oh well should be fun trying to get out tomorrow night, someone else already self destructed.

Late Edit: Well A alliance pilot skyped me just before I left the computer. They managed to find an exit. After logging back in apparently it was critical after they got all their stuff out. So I asked for a volunteer in a pod. One who was still nearby went through and I warped to him, then had him go back. I jumped through last and lo and behold the wormhole collapsed.

So in the end with only one suicide we managed to get everyone out. Good fun was had by all and some of the mid range gas was exited.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

No worries, I updated my clone upon coming out of the vat. PvP experience is priceless :))

Anonymous said...

Grats on making it out.

I still have not had the pleasure of being stuck in a WH. :(

Anonymous said...

That does sound exciting - sitting on the outside. :-) I'm not in a hurry to try those out and get stuck in one. Limited play time means that would probably annoy me more than entertain me past the first 10 minutes.

NonStop said...

I am stuck in W-space right now, i got invited to come with 3 friends of mine for a wormhole trip, when i was in there my nework crashed and didnt get it up before the day after. My friends had left me and i dont think i am getting out of there. Thinking about quitting eve. It realy sucks. Got stuff for over 130 mill on my battleship.