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Monday, March 23, 2009

Epic o.O? and planning

Well after melting some ships (man those 3 paths give you WAY too much lootz) on my newbie alt and hying my way over to the Sisters Of EVE station to start the epic mission arc, so far I must say that it's looking pretty standard. Sure there are agents outside a stations but I've done COSMO missions before so nothing special there. I guess I just haven't come up on a fork in the road yet. At least no obvious ones. If the forks are not obvious I think we'll find this Epic mission thing is going to be a bit of a bust, especially if I can't go back and do it again or what not. Here's hoping it's just because it's too early. So far COSMO missions are kinda winning (and mainly because of the funky terrain in some of them).

Anyways back to my main. Ok I've gotten the alliance back in motion, been doing that whole leader thing with politicking and trying to pick up new/old corps for the alliance and trying to get everyone in the various corps that we're a going concern again. But I think it's time I took a bit of a break and got my personal situation in order. The problem with being a CEO let alone an Alliance leader is that when you're dealing with stuff like that you're not actively making a lot of iskies. Time to get a store underway, get some mineral supply flowing etc... Get into some Level 4 missions and get the isk flowing in to my coffers instead of out.

I also need to start recruiting combat pilots for my own corp and getting them setup. Because althouth the T3 stuff looks like it'll be crazy profitable down the road it's got a long lead time before you see the returns so you need to make sure that pilots don't abandon their other isk making activities entirely.

In totaly unrelated news I can now fly Minmatar Heavy Assault Ships. I can also (barely) fly Minmatar Strategic Cruisers but then again that's mainly on the off chance we run into someone flying a one and he decides to eject in order to save his skill training.

Right now my personal skill plans are prety solid, get the skills necessary for T3 manufacture. This will also fill in some T2 on the way thru. Got to love synergistic training.

So time to get planning for my own isk flow and what I'll need to do to get it moving, plan out the development plan of my hauler alt and what I want him to be able to do. He just finished getting his learning skills to the point I want them to be, so I've been training his core standard skills. I've got various ways I can go. On one hand I can get him into freighters and/or orcas on the but that's expensive other hand I can train him up as a POS gunner (We'll need those), I need to make a decision in the next few days.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Mmmmmmm, mOOOOOOOOninn :)) The Vaga may not be as badass as it used to be but it's still a nasty ship. And it got cheaper because you don't really have to polycarb it :)

That reminds me, I have to plop down my 28mil for the Heavy 'Dictor skillbook... cha-ching !!!

bobby said...

The forks are obvious; the first one in this mission chain is fairly far along.

Letrange said...

@coz yep those T2 books cost da iskies.

@bobby Thanks for the info, was wondering.