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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Thanks to person who will remain nameless in the alliance, AMC now has a minor war on it's hands. Error666 has declared war on AMC. I'm of two minds on this. The first is that this war was started thanks to smack talk in local. I will be laying down the law on that score. I'm annoyed that this is the reason for the war. On the other hand I've been searching and failing to find a way to get people into PvP training. So having a serious PvP corp pay for some nice high intensity training may just be what the doctor ordered. It will help shake the deadwood out of the alliance.

The first order of business was of course running intel on the corp we're up against. Turns out they are dedicated pirates over in Gallente space. 23 member corp - unknown affiliations (but since they are pirates - that doesn't matter much). A quick perusal of their killboard reveals 15 of the 23 members. It's of course unknown whether the missing 8 pilots are active, dead or industrial alts of the corp but all their biggest killers are now buddy listed. Their Thanatos pilot seems to be stuck in low sec with a -9.2 rating. However most of their pilots are BS capable, so down come the towers and we've converted over to war footing.

The downing of the towers went ultra smoothly. Interestingly one of their pilot was located in the Frarn and Gyng systems so they do get arround for a pirate corp over in Gallente space. I'll be dropping Guy from the corp to re-enable jump clone acquisition within the alliance. I've got a reserve of cheap hulls ready to go. This should provide for some nice training for all the pilots in the alliance.

I won't be discussing operational planning nor political moves but the fact that we will probably be drawing a Thanatos's support ships up into empire is rife with possibilities.

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