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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I hook up with an old corp-mate

So Mord Fiddle (of Fiddler's Edge fame) and I get chatting in the pub R.H.I channel.  We're both up in high sec atm and he says he needs some ice for his tower.  Lookie there I'm all setup to mine ice lately.  So I figure we might as well hook up and mine some ice since I've got a full blown Orca booster.  Not to mention chatting in fleet makes the ice mining go faster.

So yesterday we agree on a system to work together in and after we log in, we meet up at the agreed upon system.  We then spend the time it takes me to fill up my Orca mining ice in system.  I do belive I scared the crap out of some locals mind you with my habit of using interceptors to find a likely spot in the ice belt then warp the Orca there and switch to a Mak using the ship maintenance array. 

Some advice for newer Ice miners:  If you're going to be going back and forth from the belt (i.e. you're not jet-canning and you're not transfer mining), then it's better to fit cargo rigs and expanded cargo-holds.  The reason is that the loss of cycle speed up by not using ice harvester upgrades is compensated by only flying to the station every 3 cycles instead of every 2 cycles.  Maks naturally take forever to get to warp.

Meanwhile my alts are all chugging away at the high sec PI.  We'll need to see if it drives me mad before I can get a decent amount of robotics out of it.

The plan for the weekend?  Get back in incursions.  I want to get back up above a billion in liquid isk before I go shopping for a new 0.0 corp/alliance.


Freddy Facepalm said...

Great to hear of your travels in EVE again Let! Seems as if you've been gone a long time...

Letrange said...

Oh I've been back in eve for a while, just been not very communicative.

Also since I seem to have been dropped by the blog rolls maintainer I'm more of a Stealth EVE blog now.