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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to base

After two nights of ice mining - not much I know but I can always get back and carve off some more.  I headed back to base.  Most of the evening was spent kick starting my PI stuff again.  At least this time my main and my primary alt didn't have to re-seed the planets.  I hadn't bothered killing my high sec PI in order to do some 0.0 PI.  The situation was not optimal in 0.0 to get involved in that (nothing to do with 0.0 per see.  Everything to do with the alliance organization and operational patterns and requirements).

Most of the evening was spent chatting with various people. 


Latro said...

I just resubbed after a break and have been trying to get my high-sec PI back in order as well. Note that with the new tax structure, all the profitable P2s, P3s and P4s I was pumping out before are not anymore. I'm finding it's P1 or bust.

Again, I was thinking of moving out to null and contemplating moving my PI efforts out there as well. So, I'll poke you again for your take on the challenges you faced out there.

Letrange said...

The challenges in 0.0 are strictly situational. If your alliance fosters an in house sourcing of PI it can be rather easy if they don't and insist your main be available for deployment all the time then nope, it's a thing for alts only at that point.