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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CCP Devs - best devs

As usual the patch notes do not disappoint:

  • The icon animations in the overview have been restored to their former constant-blinking goodness
  • The Jukebox’s UI has been de-hosed.
  • The input caret was sometimes missing from the chat window. We found it and put it back.
  • Keeping your mouse still over the overview will now release the sort-locking. People interested in having the sorting remained locked are advised to either hold down a combat action key (lock or look at, for example) or strap a vibrating device to your mouse.
Mind you it was never really with the devs we had the issues last summer.  Head up ass executives - yes.  Devs - no.  Of course you realize that having mentioned the last option in point 4, I wonder how many of EVE's players will actually go out and try that...  I'm willing to bet large quantities of isk that there's at least more than one.

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