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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back in high-sec

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  I was wrestling with not having fun in EVE lately.  As I hinted I'd do in my previous post, I've left Red Horizon this evening and I'm going to take a bit of a break in high sec for a while.  Recharge my batteries.  By break I mean a break from 0.0, not from EVE.

Short story: it just wasn't working out for me.  Mainly due to time zone issues and alliance policies.  I've made my views known to my (now ex-) CEO and that's all I'm going to say about it.  Going to take it easy for a bit and make some iskies.

Trying to find the fun in EVE.


Stephen McMurtry said...

Might I shamelessly plug Evolution?

We do almost daily 0.0 PvP based out of hi-sec for fun and :gudfites:. Additionally, we run Incursions together to support the corp/ourselves. If you're looking for something fun/new, join evol-recruitment in-game.

Letrange said...


o.O SirMolle still plays the game?!? (Evolution being SirMolle's corp and all)

Connor said...

Okay I'm also going to shamelessly plug my own corp. BIG.

Were up in Branch right now as part of Gentleman's Agreement. We're not exactly a normal corp though. Our sharing policy makes it so are average members are able to participate and do whatever they like. Isk-making isn't a issue with BIG.

It really makes a huge difference not having to worry yourself with isk. Being able to log in and say "Lets go find someone to shoot" join the constant alliance gangs and just fly off without concern for replacing your ship really changes EVE.

I came here with about 3 crusiers to my name, so I was quite isk poor. I couldn't particpate in PVP because it was simply to risky. So I mined. BIG prides itself on allowing its members to do whatever they want. For me it means being able to do what I want to do, and that means shoot things to see if they go POP.

But thats me. Isk was a concern for me probably quite a bit more than it is for you.

I'd also like to take a sec to promote GENTS, as how the alliace operates makes a signifcat difference on the day to day doesn't it.

Gents' pride and joy is the culture we have, we strive to be chill and competent. This game is to have fun and alliance leaderships stresses this while at the same time not being anything like Goons or Test. That means no CTAs. EVER. Of course we have alliance ops but no one is expected to go on them. Alliance leadership realizes CTA's are terrible, so by not making the CTA's mandatory you get people joining because the FC's make the ops fun. Obviously structure shoots are never going to be a giggle a minute. But you would be admazed at what an FC trying to provide fun as can do.

However I should probably mention that we are at the front-lines of of a nice fights going on between the CFC and Raiden & friends. Its producing lots of nice fights though. I mention this because I enjoy Tengu kills and these fights are nice for that. While in now way are you expected to join the fights, they're fun when you don't have to worry about replacements.

Thats is there is my little spiel. I've been following this blog for a while and even if you decide that BIG isn't for you if you could drop by the public channel 'BIG' that be great. Or if you have and more questions PM Saracha.

FAKE EDIT: Wow did I really just type all that? Sorry.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

All I can say is I hear ya my friend... and oh, do still come to meets as we have an evil party to plan >:)

Stephen McMurtry said...

Sir Molle himself does not play, the result of terribad internets, I hear. For leadership, we have a team of directors and FC's who run ops in EU and USTZ daily.