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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pardon the dusting

Hey all (or hey the 3 who still have links to this blog)!  As those paying attention to my comings and goings know, I've been logging in quite a bit for very short stays lately.  And although there's not much in the way of industrial changes in EVE, there are quite a few new fixes and what not coming in the next patch.  This leaves me with an important decision coming up.  Do I get active in EVE again or not?

As you all (or the 3 of you as the case may be) know I un-subbed my alts and moved all my assets back to high sec in order to skill flip wait out the fall and see what the winter brought.  As my post about destroyers indicates, I am still paying attention to what goes on development wise.  I still say CCP is in full blown panic, knee jerk reaction mode, but it looks like some long standing issues are getting some love.  I feel sorry for the CCP employes who got the axe over the summer but "Pride goeth before the fall".  And the little guys pay the price.

I will point out that the dev production since REALLY pointed out how much EVE development has suffered with CCP's concentration split between the two other games.  I hope for their sakes they can get DUST out the door without an entire year's delay (Me has PS3, me want BETA).  While I'm on the subject.  Allow me to point out something to the absolute IDIOTS in charge of the Nex store.  It is not that Incarna will eventually be useful to EVE.  It can be.  The way you introduced it and marketed it, however...  What drugs were you on?  I also fail to see why you guys were so attached to introducing a horribly flawed secondary micro transaction system when you already had possibly one of the best micro transaction systems in gaming (talking about PLEX here - would someone please explain to Hilmar that PLEX IS Micro transactions even without the NeX).  Your players are far from stupid and they WILL call your bluff.  8% reduction in subscriptions (the number I've heard somewhere) since the high point should point out the true cost of these miss steps to your game and hence your company.

Meanwhile let's get back to the decision point. Here's my current situation:  RHI basically imploded and left Cascade Imminent [FAIL].  Yaxi is rebuilding it and has joined Cascade Probable while he does this.  I'm still in RHI, but my previous experience with 0.0 life has left me with the issues that unless a corp/alliance is prepared to support non-cap pilots properly, living in 0.0 is not only rather difficult but actually costs more than it brings in.  Definitely compared to life in wormhole space.  So, I'm currently rather leery of that since I still don't have even a suitcase carrier.

So the question is: has CCP done enough with it's winter patch to address things and justify coming back.  And if I do, my choices are:  Stay with RHI and give another crack to 0.0 where my options are severely restricted or go and do something else that will build up my isk total as opposed to drain it.


Kirith Kodachi said...

You try the incursions? Apparenntly big money there. Failing that, wormholes.

Connor said...

If you can find a good Null corp then it is fine operation without a carrier. Personally my corp is amazing on this, unless something drastic happens I don't see myself worrying about getting into caps for another year maybe.

Unzervaltz said...

I (Unzer) thinks boosted destroyers and (coming soon?) hulkageddon could be great fun!

Or just some good old solo / small gang pirating ;)

Ya that's isk burning (mostly) but I'm sure you can find some old MAPU ressources to fuel it ;)

And about resubbing... What CCP is doing now is nothing short of amazing and I would like to support it. I'm thinking of it but ::real life::. Next summer for sure :)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Fourth follower checking in!

I approve of all that Unz said. A Montreal Wolf Pack would be a fun thing to celebrate the arrival of Crucible, and I've heard that two semi-well-known and feared/hated EVE celebrities have made raunchy space love and will be giving ISK for blowed-up industrials... >:)

KeroZelvin said...

My corp is awesome (and dominated by Canadians) if you want to head to Deklein. We just started recruiting for a bit. We have excellent logistics, so being carrierless is easy.

If you don't have thick skin, flying with goons might be shocking. Overall, they are extremely fun compared to the SRS Business crowd, in my experience. We have fleet reimbursements too, which makes exploding even more fun!

Mord Fiddle said...

I knew you'd be back ;)

Knug Lidi said...

Another Canuck follower, here.

I'm still not sold on null, but winter is almost here !

Latro said...

FWIW, as one of the 8%, I find it very interesting to see CCP's sudden spurt of off-the-shelf FiS changes that should have been accomplished long ago. However, I am withholding my resub until I see new space-based content that shows a true dedication to the future of the game.

Thus, the Summer expansion will be the key for me. There are just too many other good games floating around right now to head back to EvE on a mea culpa and a promise.

Mejeriet said...

Hi, I am new to Eve (coming up to four weeks). I found your blog today and have really enjoyed reading the backlog. I hope you come back to the game. :o)

Letrange said...

@kirith yep, that's looking likely if I can get the logi core knocked together.

@saracha staying with my current corp for the nonce.

@unzervaltz dessy roams ... oh yes...

@coz yep

@jaggins sorry, goons just too nihilistic for my tastes.

@mord o/ and well yes, that was kinda predictable... even with all it's warts, there's still no game out here that comes close.

@latro I don't have a problem with that. And you are correct that although this patch is critical to showing direction, the summer one will be critical to build on momentum.

@Mejeriet Welcome to the game, just remember don't fly what you can't afford to loose. There aren't too many other hard and fast rules.

Diametrix said...

Hello Old Friends,

Being part 8% myself, I am looking at next Tuesday with mixed hope and trepidation.

I don't think CCP has the details even close to correct w/ POCOs. Which is really tragic as the whole DUST linkage will rely on how profitable the planetary interaction game will be.

And, sadly, there is only CCP silence on the FW improvement channel.

All that being said, I really want to get back into EVE. SWTOR (as much as the IP draws me in) sounds more and more WOWclone-esque.

I'm in Black Rise looking for a team/corporation if you hear of something.