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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not bad

After 3 sessions of Incursion and having run 34 vanguard sites, I'm up 310mil isk over the weekend.  Unless I'm totally mistaken that should make 45k ish Concord LP when those incursions finish up (if they do - no clue how that works).

This meshes very well with my 149mil isk investment in my Scimitar.  So overall I'm ahead 160mil which is rather good considering am now over 1b again and on the 22nd of November I was at 209mil...  Ah yes, EVE is like getting on a bicycle.  Just takes a while to knock the rust off is all.

I must admit I like incursions - going in with a fleet reminds me of other MMOs where you do things as a group. People from other MMOs are going to find it rather familiar territory (with of course eve specific idiocyracies - like the danger of suicide ECM boats breaking up your rep chains).  Out of all the activities in EVE Incursions are probably the activity that bears the most resemblance to other MMOs.  The only problem is that with a requirement of having 3 logistics pilots for the first tier that actually pulls in isk, it's pretty much strictly for the veterans instead of something that could be used to ease other MMO players into EVE.  Ah well.  Another lost design opportunity in EVE.  We should be used to those by now.

As I look forward to a more relaxing evening than concentrating on keeping fellow pilots alive in incursions I'm feeling pretty good about returning to EVE.  At this point my plans post-patch are pretty set.

1) Get the fuel pellet BPOs
2) Get the Tornado BPO.
3) Convert existing fuel reserves into the new format
4) Get the 3rd account re-activated and that pile of un-researched BPOs researched (I need to consider some character moves so that the corp/research characters are all on the same account - gah)
5) Get a suitcase carrier
6) Get an isk reserve buffer
7) Head back to 0.0

On the skills front, I'm doing some emergency shoring up of drone skills (What? I can't fly T2 logi drones??? Damn it! - not to mention the T2 mining drones for that vanguard site -.-;).  I'll get back to the carrier skills once that shoring up is done.  I may slip in Command ships soon though as I killed off all the pre-requisites.

That should keep me going for a bit.

I will point out the irony of wanting to be in 0.0 but being unable to generate the income necessary to progress there in 0.0.  Good design CCP.


Naoru Kozan said...

Well the anom rebalance should make it easier to make ISK on 0.0. I have to say: on the last 2 null roams my corp has done 0.0 has seemed very empty.

Letrange said...

The change will not actually make living in 0.0 any easier so no, that does not represent an increase in livability of 0.0. I suspect we'll see no great exodus of people towards 0.0 in this expansion. Not until the great 0.0 fix of 2013-14.

Knug Lidi said...

I disagree that incursions are for the veterans alone, but I will say that jumping into a random fleet (i.e. not a corp based one) requires veteran skills.

Get the fresh faced kids into a veteran fleet, and you will reap significant rewards beyond the ISK

Letrange said...

@Knug True, but in order to acquire the experience to lead a corp based fleet you'll want to be a vet and jump in the PUG ones. Which is what I'm doing. I've got some other pilots (some experienced, some less so) that once I get a hang on this I'll probably fly with, but it's going to take a bit of time to get comfortable with it.

There is also the issue that I'm learning this as a logi pilot (a busy job during runs) so it's slower to notice what the dps side is doing when I'm trying to make sure they don't die. Once I get the logi side down pat and I can widen my situational awareness I'll do better. The problem is that most VG fleets work of off a core of an FC and 3 logis. By definition all 4 are relatively senior positions. Especially scimi pilots who pretty much MUST be Logi 5. The rest can be much younger pilots (so long as their tanking skills are in place and you're not looking for isk/h efficiency) but those 4 positions, nope. You want mid-life to vet pilots for those.