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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inter bus shuttles are going for HOW MUCH?!?

As I was cleaning up my inventory of "stuffs" I decided to look at the value of some of the one off stuff I've collected over the years.  Most of it are not worth moving for the moment.  But then I saw the Interbus Shuttle - only difference is a 20m³ cargo bay vs a 10m³ cargo bay.  It's going for over 200mil on contracts!.  Load up the Prowler with a bunch of meta 4's and that shuttle and haul ass to Jita.  Do the usual "cloak thru Uedama" on the way and there we go, iskies to replace the iskies spent getting the Minmatar Carrier skill.

A bit of light exploration and some Noctis work later and I hit the sack.  Going to have to do a datacore run soon as well.


Panthe Tek said...

While I wouldn't mind using those shuttles myself I find them prime targets of bored Thrasher pilots in highsec up and about to raise their ISK win:loss ratio. So selling them sure looks like the best way to go.

The real question that so obviously stood there was a different one: of all the carriers, why Minmatar?

Occam's razor suggests the simplest answer being the skill Minmatar Battleship trained at V, and no other.

On the pro-side: a suitcase carrier only jumps with cargo/ships, has no need for bonuses, and profits from using a cheap fuel type. Like NOT Gallentean oxygen isotopes.

Suddenly my Gallente suitcase carrier looks not so attractive anymore. Kudos to you, sir.

Letrange said...

Plus we're the only carrier getting a buff in the next patch.

Besbin said...

Being a Machariel-o-maniac myself, I've already gone and trained both Minmatar and Gallente BS 5...also in anticipation that that will give me more options when I start moving into capital ship training in just a month's time (I can't shoot hybrid guns to save my life and I've never even boarded a Domi). You guys have any advice on the Gallente vs. Minmatar carrier choice? Also I have no training whatsoever in any of the capital modules yet, so until I remap, I'll only be able to fly the damn things and not use it for much else. I guess that's what's meant with the term "suitcase carrier" too though?

Oh and btw... Welcome back Letrange! I've often wondered why I kept checking your blog for updates when nothing for happening for months, but patience rewards after all it seems ;-)

Greets from Besbin

P.S. Yes, I realize the insane skillbook costs of shopping for both Gal and Min caps, but I send my kind kind regards to CCP for making incursions so damn profitable for a maxed out faction Machy ;-)

Panthe Tek said...

Since you will only start training capitals in a month from now you'll have a lot more data than we have now.
How much of the patch/buff on the testserver will make it to TQ affecting the Nidhoggur?
How well will the patched Nidhoggur perform vs the common Thanatos, and how common will it become?
How much will the specific jumpfuel (Hydrogen Isotopes) cost then, when demand changes?

It probably won't change that much in values but you sure will have an easier decision than if you were to decide right now, what to train for. The people crying/boasting on forums about their Nidhoggur/Thanatos will give you perfect indications as to what will be the right way to go.

A "Suitcase Carrier" does nothing else than ship your stuff from A to B much like a Jump Freighter. Cap Regen in lows/mids and perhaps a cloak if something goes wrong.

May your profitable Mach never pop in an Incursion thanks to a Logi D/C. Happened to some poor bastards recently.