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Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, lookie there, Morsus is red

As you all know, I'm down with Cascade Imminent these days.  I've actually been able to get in fleets now that my ship situation is firming up a bit.  Got in on a carrier save, got a shinny new Saber (I don't expect it to last long - note to self - investigate making Sabers as the price seems a little high compared to other interdictors), missed some major kill fleets, but did go on ops.

One of the new surprises in the south was spotting a lot of Morsus Mihi guys floating around and finding out they hot-dropped one of our carriers and are now considered solidly red.  This should make their attempt to move into the area nice and welcoming.  Looks like they want back in the 0.0 club after getting their asses handed to them up north.  After throwing Magesta and Rage under the bus that is PL (and my oh my does Shadoo look smug whenever the conversation turns to supercapitals), they are in the process of loosing their own space.  Looks like they are putting feelers out in the south.  Bumbling ones.  Either they've already decided who they want as enemies down here or they've cut a deal with PL/DRF, we'll need to see.


Mark said...

All minmatar ships are significantly more expensive that other races. The decryptors and datacores are 3 - 4x the price of other races.

Since they are the PVP of choice, I assume the demand for them is stronger.

Knug Lidi said...


I think you were aiming this comment to the blog on datacore farming over at Ecliptic Rift:

but I'm just guessing.

Letrange said...


What Knug said...

(ok, I admit I'm prety much a matari pilot, but still that's a little non-sequitur)

Stabs said...

I think Mark is responding to your mulling over whether to manufacture Sabers. You sound in the OP as if you perceive there to be a higher profit margin on them, he's just pointing out they're pricier because they're more expensive to make.

Letrange said...

oh, that, that's simple: I've got at least 3-5 months of RP in matari ship datacores piled up... So I'd need less cash to invent a bunch of BPCs. The only hic is Frigate Construction V (it's currently stuck at 4 and I'm in the middle of matari BS V)

Knug Lidi said...

Yes, I think you're right. Coincidental then, about the datacore discussion over there.

Connected intertubes are fun!

Mark said...

Stabs had it correct. I was half asleep when posting and was pretty unclear in my post.

Crap posting TBH, sorry about that.