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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Technology Injection

Today is the day Incarna 1.0 (and it's subsequent immediate client patch #1) goes live on TQ.  The thing to remember amongst the disappointment of the spareness of the features being introduced is that this is mainly a technology injection into the EVE online universe.  The next 2 years will show if it's a success or not.  The canvas of EVE just got bigger.  There, however, is still much more to do.  What is good to see is that there are serious low level work going on in parallel. 

Please take the time to check out CCP Curt's new dev blog:  carbonio and bluenet: next level network technology.  This is something no other MMO company out there does.  They talk about their tech.  It's one of the reasons that come hell or high water CCP will probably be there down the road.  They push the tech as hard as they can.  In all probability they are a generation or 3 ahead of the competition as far as their server tech goes.  It will be interesting to see what happens once they have 3 games running on their server technology.

I must admit I'm amused by the bitter vet syndrome a lot of players have been voicing lately.  They should know by now that the status quo is never safe in EVE.  It always evolves.  Heck remember when blockade runners could not warp cloaked?  The speed nerf.  The graphics engine upgrades.  The days when a 200 man fleet was considered lag.  So EVE changes.  Adapt or quit, your choice. 

As a side note I'm amused by the idiots in fleet who think they are experiencing "lag" in a 100-150 man fleet.  Be part of a 250 man sub-cap fleet being ordered to jump into 600 in system already?  Been there, done that.  That was "LAG".  The minor hesitation we get when jumping gates as part of a 100 man fleet just doesn't count.  And for the idiots who insist they are getting DC'ed because of it, I've got news for you - I've never gotten DC'ed under the conditions you're describing so it's you, your connection or your computer that's the problem, not tranquility or the node we're running on.  Heck I've never gotten DC'ed even with an 800-1200 man fight either.  Lagged the fuck out, yes.  DC'ed no.


Rei said...

Funny thing that, I've yet to feel "LAG" (yes capitalize lag) after upgrading my pc, no disconnect either :D

Letrange said...

Oh, trust me you do get server side lag on a reinforced node if you have 1200+ people in local.

Stabs said...

Being an ace pvper I never lose fights due to bad luck skill or planning but only ever because of lag.

It's clearly CCP's fault, I can't imagine why you defend them. They owe me mucho isky.

Stephen McMurtry said...

Yeah, bittervets are starting to piss me off. I think Tehg Rind (or however it's spelled) from the podcast, ISK, summed it up best: "Bittervets piss me off. They rage and rage against Eve, but they won't leave it alone. Imagine Eve is game of tag taking place between your friends. The bittervet doesn't like the rules, so he quits playing. Unlike a normal person who would quit and walk away, the bittervet stands on the side of the field, shouting about how dumb the rules are and how the bittervet himself has decided to quit. Just f*cking quit!"