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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, I've checked my accounts, they all seem to renew in the month of august at different points in time.  Basically this gives me until mid August to make a decision.  That's fine, I don't really want to make a snap decision.  But with the way CCP is going (their wording on what they are doing is damning) it looks likely that at a mininum, my alts will be un-subbing and probably also my main.  They seem intent on ridiculous prices and eventually instituting pay to win (above and beyond the current pay to win philosophy of PLEX itself).

Like I stated yesterday, the fallout from the CSM meeting will be significant.  If it at all looks like they are being manipulated by CCP as a PR move it could very seriously backfire.  And the minute a CSM representative un-subs after the meeting?...

Either way, just waiting to find out which way it's all going to go.  But either way I'll be voting with my wallet.


Rei said...

1) Can I have your stuff?
2) Meh :)

Letrange said...


Nope, every single person I've met who sold their main eventually regretted it. It's one of those "who knows, the horse may sing" things.

Knug Lidi said...

One problem (in my eyes) going forward, will be when folks that have unsubbed decide that what is going on with MT isn't the end of the world, they won't necessarily resub. They may decide to keep going with PLEX. The PLEX market is already under pressure with prices rising substantially. If many players decide to pick the game back up using PLEX instead of subbing, the prices for PLEX will jump even more.

I do not expect a strong surge in the cash purchases of PLEX beyond actual game-time need to offset the potential surge in demand. Thus PLEX prices will continue to rise, and a lot of players who stay in the game because they can earn sufficient PLEX in a portion of a month will be hard pressed to spend more of their month just earning ISK to keep playing

Letrange said...


Another possibility is that the people un-subbing were already large PLEX users and there will be a corresponding decrease in demand. This will result in a slow lowering of PLEX prices as we are already seeing.

Cle Demaari said...

I canceled my alts re-subscription, I think it's got until the middle of July.

I'm going to wait and see with my main.

My biggest gripe is being forced to use "Ambling in Stations". It's just poorly done.

And hell, when I was in the Navy I could stay on the sub when we pulled into a port if I wanted to. Now there were usually reasons that I _wanted_ to get off the ship. ;) CCP has yet to give us those reasons and instead gave us the boot.

The macrotransactions are a different thing. Let's assume (big assumption, and possibly wrong) that they will be kept only to vanity items. With this assumption are the prices too high? Well, for the items offered I'd say yes as the items are pretty blah as these things go. But if someone feels that the monocle is worth $60 then more power to him.

The problem is the potential trickle down effect that this could have on the wider economy. Player D buys plex, turns it into aurum and buys monocle. With this transaction the money the player spent does not go into the EVE player economy.

There is a potential for people to spend that $20 plex on a pair of pants vs. a Nighthawk, Orca, or other PLAYER made items.

So on one hand you can look ate the NeX as CCP taking player income away and pocketing it.

Yes, this is one extreme and may only happen in a small number of edge cases.

But if you see an Ambler with 3 or 4 billion isk worth of items on it's toon, just think of what that could have done for some manufacturer.

Letrange said...

My biggest disappointment is that they are cutting out the production sector and saying "see, we'll build these pesky items for you instead of some other player, and oh yea, we'll be charging you thru the nose for it as well". Looks like they are trying to dilute the production sector of the EVE economy more and more.

Anonymous said...

I think CCP need to force the plex prices back down... but as Knug said with people stopping buying them through not playing the prices should start to drop again.

I'm waiting to see what happons over the MT situation. I'm not concerned with the silly prices, but ccp have stated they are bringing in lower priced goods to give a "tier" of items. They also admitted they should have done this originally, but in typical ccp fashion one idiot says it'll be fine and they believe them.

Cutting back the manufacturing options too far would be a BIG mistake for ccp. Indeed, it would be nice to be able to make more items (PI possibly for low tier vanity items?).