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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

/me dusts off the blog

*cough* *cough*

Sorry about that, a combination of things made it so that getting into the game recently has been a bit of a chore. RL can be like that some times. Combine that with Having to move ships from station to station constantly recently (note to self: from now on in when leadership says: move to station x - move somewhere else since PL will be hitting that station next), and it all adds up to "not in game a lot recently".

Also at the rate things are going I'm probably going to be bounced up to empire soon since a good portion of my ships got trapped in one of the stations that is no longer available to us. We'll see how it all goes in the weeks and months to follow, but I definitely need to work on having a personal logistics train (read carrier and jump freighter).

Note to self for future endeavors: Should I ever become alliance leader of a null sec alliance: Making sure that the sub-cap pilots have an available logistics backbone at reasonable prices IS important to pilot participation in ops. The lack of it has resulted in my non-presence in a lot of ops recently even outside of the lack of logging in. Amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics. I've just had a serious lesson in that truism.


Calamity Cloggy said...

I'm just sounding off on that last observation. Heck yeah. The military is basically a relatively small number of dudes doing actual fighting, paired with a giant, world-spanning bureaucracy and shipping operation to get them from point A to point B.

Pegleg Punk said...

A question from one with little experience in Null Sec:

What happens to your ships in a situation like this? Do they become spoils for the opposition?

Unknown said...

They're still yours. If the station is hostile you can't access them, but you can sell them remotely or put them in public contract if you whant to get rid of them

Anonymous said...

when PL invaded Vale I took all my assets (and those I was asked to carrier jump out) to a lowsec station. I ignored where others were moving to and went where I felt safe. In the end I was still within range of the new destination so it all worked out well. When we were told where to head I took 1 carrier load, which made life easier to move next time!

On the point of stuff in stations, yes the assets remain yours, and if you have a jump clone in the station you can still use it!