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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Although PL did mess around with our reinforcement lines, they didn't really make a major push into F-D49D last night.  I came, I got on a kill mail, I left disappointed.  The one problem with being on the defensive is that you cede the initiative to the enemy and need to wait for them to make a move so you can follow with a counter attack (if they haven't wipe the floor with you already of course).

In a way I was glad, since we did not have what I consider to be the better FCs on hand last night.  Not that I consider myself to be a great FC, but I've FC'ed enough myself when I was running AMC and I've flown under enough FCs that I will form an opinion on them.  Not that he's made my list of "never fly with again" FCs.  Only one made that list so far.  However, we're now flying against PL in our time zone.  Average may not just cut it.  Of course with the NC being as big as it is, if you see an FC you really can't stomach, just switch ships and join the other fleet.  There's always another fleet.

One of the big differences I'm noticing right away is that PL operates more like a mobile strike force backed up by solid supercap fleet for heavy hitting instead of the more usual alpha BS fleet of a true space holding alliance.  This means that nailing them is going to be rather hard since the NC's more militia like military is not setup for raider/counter-raider operations.  For those of us just arriving in Vale, we no longer have the option of building up ISK in order to have a stable of ship types in order to form more specialized fleets.  So we'll see how it goes.  Should be a tough war from now on in since we'll have PL roaming gangs every night.

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