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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting ready for the hammer blow

This evening as I get back from work, things should be heating up in F-D49D as we see the DRF/PL/Raiden. make a Major push into Vale of the Silent.  I can't predict what will happen but it has the potential to be a major battle.  Expect 1000+ in system by the time the station comes out of reinforced.  CCP better have that system and some of the surrounding ones on some servers running with steroid fed hamsters.  After last night's action (I had a ring side seat to PL busting the I-Hub 4 Aeons, 13 Nyxes, an Avatar and an Erebus, with an other Erebus at the PL POS for A-HAC fleet extraction) where the I-Hub went down rather quickly.

The equation is rather clear though.  Station comes out of 2nd reinforced - both sides know the timer.  I-Hub is gone.  So, if the reds flips the station tonight they can immediately go for the TCU and start claiming the system.  The timing of this works out such that they will be able to babysit most of their TCU on-lining during the dead time followed by Russian prime time.  The next 36 hours should determine how the opening stages of the war for Vale of the Silent goes.  Stay tuned.

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