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Sunday, October 31, 2010

o.O 3200+

For the edification of those unaware: o.O is an emoticon representing surprise (raised eyebrow).  3200+ in system and the node survived... wow...  As much as others will bitch about the lag, the truth is that this is like having most other game's entire server populations in the same zone at the same time.  It would melt most servers.  The impressive thing is that the node survived.  There were points in time (not too long ago really) where this would have resulted in horrible, horrible node death.  So the fight on lag and stuff like that at least has resulted in servers that don't up and die under extreme loads.

Shooting CCP Atlas who was trying to get some lag data? not so nice.  CCP Atlas putting his "expensive" instrumentation in an "BH Mega Cargo Ship"?  Duuuuuude...  Put it in a Polaris next time would you?  You'll probably still get primaried but at least you'll have a minimal chance that your ship will survive long enough to get some good data next time.

In other news, my primary alt account finally ran out of payed up time and went to sleep.  Just one more alt account to go and I'll be down to my main.

I've got 8 days left on Heavy Drone Operation V.

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Hallan Turrek said...

A Polaris has effectively 2,874,999 in armor, shields, and hull it goes 2.5k a second without a speed mod. No slots to speak of, but basically it tanks like a capital and moves like a Dramiel with an AB, but no need of cap.

You might keep it tackled with 'ceptors, but diminishing returns on webs means it'll get out of the range of heavy damage ships before you can kill it.

Which merely reinforces the point of "why use anything else for high risk observation?"

Plus it's really cool to fly, with the neat blue engine effects.