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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Torpedo Specialization IV

Just a quick pop in to note that I managed to get Torpedo Specialization IV polished off.  Once I get Tech II heavy drones finished (which should be in... 22 days), I should have all the skills necessary for a properly deadly Typhoon setup.  Oh don't get me wrong there will still be plenty of skills to get to 5 but all the major ones to IV will be done and it will be time to build myself a proper torp phoon.

Apart from that I observe with interest that we have some progress on the news front both for this update (which seems to nicely be some patches and lag fixes as well as the new character generator.  And news of when the first real iteration on Incarna will happen.

Just to keep my hands in EVE, I've decided to build myself a pair of Claws to mess around low sec in from time to time.  Don't want my ship handling skills to get too rusty.

Until the next update - fly safe - or not.

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