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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

POS Bash

Just as I needed to log in to skill flip, I get a CTA last night.  As I told the boys when I left the alliance and we set each other to mutual blues, "If you need an extra BS for a POS bash, send up the Let Signal".  So as soon as I get in, I get in fleet and query the usual questions: Where and With what?

So I was given my destination and told to bring the heavy iron.  So I jump into my POS bash setup Maelstrom and head on out.  19jumps to the k-space connection.  Once I get there I add my firepower to the poss bash and we get the tower into re-enforced quite handily (small POS, I log on at 9:00pm local and we get it re-enforced by 11:00pm and although I missed the incapacitation of plenty of modules, I was there for the entire tower shoot.  And yep the T2 guns pretty much doubled my damage output compared to the last POS bash I was on.

I was originally planning to log out at a friendly POS.  When I discovered that the local POS'es need to be "adjusted" a bit so that they follow alliance settings and don't shoot blues...  Thanks Devlon, look into that would you?...  I got out fine, Scrams don't have a lot of range (you may want to fix that...) and since the friendly POS was not on full blown war footing, I was able to tank the "Friendly" POS fire until I could warp away (yay for AB's)...

I'm thinking I need to adjust my fit a bit and simply remove the AB on the POS basher.  The situation is mainly static when engaging at a POS anyways.  So I went back to the high sec base and we'll see what I decide to do before the next POS bash...

Check back in two days for PART II

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

You should've heard the surprise on comms when Gemorion announced you imminent arrival :)

Thanx for coming bro o7