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Friday, July 16, 2010

CSM's Rock and Hardplace thing

Mynxee, in this post, complained that being on the CSM is like being between a rock and a hard place. This is true. But one cannot loose sight of the parameters under which they need to operate. The truth of the mater is that the parameters they are operating under back in April still apply.

CCP has overcommitment issues. Regardless of the fact that they have more personnel than they've ever had before, they also have more irons in the fire than they've ever had before. Even with the commitment to assign resources to address existing issues, there is still the truth that until DUST 514, Incarna and World of Darkness (possibly the worst kept secret in the universe based on CCP's corporate hiring page) have been deployed, there really is a limited amount of resources they can throw at the problems (admittedly, since WOD is not yet announced, they shouldn't have expectation issues on that front yet...).

As an asside to CCP - a little more staggered planning might be worthwhile if you want to avoid these programmer resource starvation issues you keep running into....

As for the Eva thing. Look there's an NDA they CSM members sign. CCP internal affairs is reputed to be rather anal retentive since the T20 incident that caused it's formation. The Larconis incident shows that CCP takes it's NDA seriously with regards to the CSM, and this includes making use of the privileged information granted the CSM members. Due to the amount of FUD and rumor mongering being thrown up around this issue, I can only conclude that something similar happened again. Draw your own conclusions. Personally I think it's a tempest in a teapot (no refference to Teadaze).

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