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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to testing

Man these 24h testing cycles are crazy.

Anyways, still trying to test whether this bug/exploit handles multi-day instant completion. I'll get to trying to nail down specific parameters that make it not occur once this is done. So without further adieu, here is today's experiment:

3200 x Proteins
3200 x Biofuels
1600 x Industrial Fibers
1600 x Silicon

2 x Advanced Industry Facility with Livestock Schematic installed
2 x Advanced Industry Facility with Microfiber Shielding Schematic installed

All materials in place and routes setup and ready to hit submit by 10:42.
Submit hit at 10:50

Now just need to wait for downtime...

11:58 hits and bingo - got:

200 x Microfiber Shielding
400 x Livestock

in the storage shed.

This confirms that if you set up multiple day runs they WILL get finished off in 40 minutes. Sweet.


Toldain said...

Yesterday, you thought you didn't have enough to file a bug report. I think you do now, and I encourage you to do so, if for no other reason than to cover your ass in case some zealous CCP employee starts thinking of you as running an exploit.

Letrange said...

Already done.

Ardent Defender said...

I have a bug with PI that just happens and its nothing I really do but totally small scale and its related to the daily server restarts. On one my planet where I have a few advance processors that are not currently reprocessing anything one the processors that had last ran a schematic for Nanites and though not running anything everyday after server restarts produces 10 Nanites out of thin air for no reason. Free Nanites i guess.

At first I was like where the hell i'm getting Nanites i haven't been making any. But the processor still has the schematic setting ready to run a batch since last time i did. However daily of all the other advance processors this one everyday like clockwork seen to produce 10 Nanites and dump them into storage. Been times I log on right after servers are up and checking to restart planets extractors and there i notice new Nanites in storage. I can only figure thats part of the bugs you and others are having with PI at the moment though your getting a bit instant processing on yours.

Letrange said...

@AD yep I've heard of that one and the guys who really have fun with it have it happening to the P4's