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Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to testing

1) Finally I get my first Tech 2 BS weaponry skill: Large Artillery Specialization. And I immediately refit my POS bash BS... 49.3 mil SP only 700k untill I hit 50mil.

2) I've manufactured a Minmatar Control Tower Small out of resources I produced myself. Time to go sell it.

3) With that out of the way it's time to try and get the resource loss problem sorted so a series of experiments are going to be underway this week to try and determine what's causing the problem.

4) So after much cogitation and much trying to figure out what was causing the losses, I came up with a Theory. My theory is that the element that may be causing the problem was the fact that the loss may be related to the fact that wormhole systems are not loaded until the first person in that wormhole logs in or jumps in. This may be (in conjunction with downtime unloading the system) what is causing the losses and that would make it very hard to reproduce on Sisi but rather easy to reproduce on TQ.

5) So step one for testing out my theory is to setup a baseline. Make sure that a production cycle is started before downtime. Make sure the system is loaded before the cycle hits after downtime. Confirm there are no losses...

6) So I setup my P2/3/4 production planet with only 2 advanced processors locked and loaded with schematics and outbound routes (Biocells). Move 1600 of each of the materials (Biofuels and Precious Metals) into the storage shed (this is enough P1 material for 20h of processing for 2 advanced processors). setup the input routes and wait until 10:50 eve time to hit the submit. 10:50 rolls around and I hit submit. Confirm that the cycle has started - take screenshot etc...

7) Log back in at 11:35 eve time (downtimes are nice and short now). Confirm that I am the cause of the system being loaded (wormholers will know what I mean). Head over to the storage shed and see if we're still on track for the 11:50 cycle...

8) WTF???

9) Note that there are now 200 P2's (Biocells) in my storage locker... 20h of processing finished in 45 minutes...

Um... Exploit maybe? Going to see tomorrow if this is repeatable. Wish me luck. Incidentally thank you CCP for blowing up my baseline in such a creative way.

Is it just me or, between the SNAFU that we saw with the reprocessing of the stations into P4's and other shenanigans due to the screwed up deployment plans and the number of what seems to be different and unrelated bugs we've seen in PI, is PI the buggiest feature that CCP has released to date?

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Unknown said...

I put in a petition the other day and when the GM asked me what was missing, I back-tracked my production and found that no materials were actually missing, just a couple of my factories had gone into overdrive.

Today, I had 28 Broadcast nodes when everything else had 21 or so because that chain went into hyperdrive.

Incidentally, the p4 factory that went bonkers never gets a full input buffer on all three buffers at a time. I think the slaves try to fix this, but they all work in tandem and boom, extra production!