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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things are moving again

Well all the planing and forum posting is done. I finally got off my ass and nailed down how the next alliance project is going to work, it's budget and startup schedule as well (crap need to create the finance corp tomorrow night before 8:00pm).

In other news, I finished melting all of my T1 module reserve and most of my ammo reserve. Useful in that it gave me about 2 BS worth of minerals in personal reserve. I've also gotten fully back in to the cruiser game as far as my corp manufacture goes so all is well there. The upswing in corp income is very very noticeable. I'll have to make a decision at some point whether to invest in corp BPOs at the cruiser level or to have my corp buy out my POS ownership slowly but surely. I"m actually thinking the later may be the way to go as one day I'd be able to sell the corporation and it's assets as a unit. It would certainly free up some iskies to work on my personal BPO collection (which is independent of the corps).

I'm of course still solidly in the "get all my generic combat skills to level 4 before moving on" stage. One of the problems with eve in mid life (I'm at 20mil SP now) is that you realize that you realy should get your basic skills at least to level 4 at some point before moving on.

Currently of course I'm still in the middle of working on Leasure as my next NPC corp to 6.7 standing. This gets regularely interrupted as I get missions I can actually repeatedly mine out. This makes for greatly relaxing mining as most griefers go hassle newbs who are liable to react and are easier to find in belts. Still stuck on level 3's one of these days I realy need to get my mission running skills up to BS level...


CrazyKinux said...

Keep up the regular posting and I'll add you the EVE Blog Pack (see my comment on the Pack post).

Just remind me in a week or two!


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