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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm not sure you grasp the situation

There are quite a few times that I'm asked why I don't have a list of BPOs that I own posted somewhere... I think a bit of work with photoshop will explain the situation so that even the most dense can grasp it:

Letrange's BPO Collection

To make it clear, that's my current BPO collection minus what's in research (about 15 more bpos). I had to take 4 screen shots and stitch them together to get that composite image.

There are still a few things to add to it. I still need to get 8 of the missing cruiser BPOs, I still need some of the more expensive and essoteric modules like cyno modules, the rest of the gang modules, the BPO for that nanite paste (I think there's one), The hurricane bpo, the T1 cloak. Basicaly any T1 module that is usable in a battleship or smaller hull and ammo for same, module wise. Hull wise all cruisers and bellow, and Minmatar battle cruisers and eventualy Minmatar battleships

I figure once I get that I'll be set with my high sec research corp for making copies both for use in low sec/0.0 and for T2 manufacture. The rest of the alliance can handle the other battle cruisers and battleships and capital components. Hard to say whether I'm crazy like a fox or just plain crazy....

In other news we managed to raise the necessary funds for the next alliance project withing 13h 30min of the start of investment raising. We did no even get to the "unlimited investment phase". The first phase was limited to 100mil per investor so that one or two people didn't just buy out the investment at the start. The Megathron BPO is purchased and safely researching from it's station. Now we just need to allocate the existing BPCs with construction budgets and get the ball rolling.


Carole Pivarnik said...

I sympathize. Management of BPOs and BPCs is a pain in the ass. I for one would be happy if you could a) stack them and b) visually tell BPOs from BPCs. However, a post on the forums awhile back explained why neither of those useful changes is ever likely to come about. It's here and quite frustrating.

Letrange said...

Oh, I am simplifying things: I"m getting to the point where it's not "do you have xxx" it's easier to list what I don't have... :P

I tend to put the BPC's in either a separate hangar or a can, my BPOs are in specific locations.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Yeah, my nerdy little industry alt keeps BPCs in one can, researched BPOs in another and to-be researched BPOs in another.'s irritating when you make copies and deliver the job, you can't tell which is the original except by Showing Info. It does seem to tend to be either the first or last one in the group so I always look at those first, but it's irritating.

I wish they'd make a special container for BPOs/BPCs that has columns showing the attributes of the item...PE, ME, Runs Remaining (the value of the latter would be "Infinite" or a number, which would by default to tell you whether it was a BPO or BPC).

Letrange said...

Ah, I tend to leave my BPOs in the station where they are safer and use Scientific Networking to do the copying. All BPOs stay in the hangar (and since I'm the only one with "take" privileges they are available for others to use and improve). The copies come out at the POS. Makes it easy to figure out which are the copies.