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Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting ready for investors

Even though this is not a full blown IPO, a la Market Discussions forum, there is still a lot of preparations that go into getting a major project underway. Over the last 2 days, I've:
  1. Made sure the currently free alt was available to form the new alt corp necessary for the share creation and distribution
  2. Transferred 5mil Isk to him as seed Isk to form the corporation and get things setup
  3. Created the new corporation: AMC Financial [AMC F]
  4. Proposed and voted on the creation of an additional 350 shares (necessary to reach the proposed 1.35 billion in investment at 1 mil Isk a share
  5. Applied to join AMC (in reality not absolutely necessary but it does make the investors think of the corp as part of the alliance)
  6. Approved the application
  7. Implemented the share creation vote.
  8. Sent off the 5 shares to my main to cover the seed investment
  9. Invested a bit more as I needed the isk for the purchase of the existing BPCs from the AMC Domi Project.
  10. Purchased said BPCs (so that when the dividend distribution on the domi project that handles the Isk from the BPO sale goes through, all that's left is the sale of any BS on the market).
  11. Come to the realization that the initial BPC purchase budget assumed price of 150k per BPC and our changes to 450k per BPC.
Well you get the idea. I'm not about to change the initialy set budgets at this late date, but I will use the spare isk in the BPO budget (it was set to handle the most expensive Tier 2 BS BPO purchase) temporarely until the first few sales profits allows me to shore up the budgets properly.

The rest of my time was spent killing off the first room of the mission I've still got going (It's good till the 30th) and mining out some Omber, Scordite and Veldspar. I suspect I won't have time to mine it out tomorrow since that's when the tsunami of isk will be flowing into the alt corp and I'll become horribly busy. Mind you, it's a relaxing hour and a half getting those 4 cans (works out to about 51% omber, 33% veldspar and 16% scordite by volume). So I'm slowly stoking up my personal mineral reserve for when the corp or the project needs the minerals.

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