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Friday, February 15, 2008

Making Plans

The shower was good this morning. My brain was engaged on the problems of my alliance. There are a few things to address.
  1. The alliance is not gelling. Part of this is the cold water effect of GE. Part of this is the lack of alliance operation.
  2. I need help with the hauling. We need to establish some guidelines for hauling. We need that the non-miners develop some hauling skillz.
  3. The various large alliance projects of the future will need VAST amounts of minerals at preferably decent rates.
For this to work out we need to start establish a few things.
  1. We need to establish 2 fixed days a week for alliance ops. One on a weekend day, one on a weekday.
    1. These ops will simply sell the minerals they mine to the alliance at a 10% discount over market prices
    2. We need to establish mining leads for these ops and have coordinated perfect refining.
  2. We need to establish an alliance mineral bank.
    1. This bank needs to operate on the basis that there are minimum levels it needs to maintain of each of the basic minerals.
    2. Below these amounts, the minerals are reserved for alliance projects, above these amounts the minerals are for sale within the alliance corporations for corporate projects.
    3. These minerals are sold at market prices to the projects or the corps.
    4. The profit margin is there for two purposes
      1. Pay the haulers (2% of cargo value).
      2. Pay alliance expenses (the other 8%).
    5. Some mechanism for calculating market mineral value is necessary. And has to be agreed on ahead of time.
    6. We need a few people to run this mineral bank - haulers.
  3. We need to find out what's happened to our diplomat...
That should be it for now.


Desdamona said...

What days are you looking at for the mining ops? Saturday mornings are great for me :).

Also, what setups / minimums for haulers or miners. I'm looking forward to it.


Letrange said...

That's the point, as my in-game eve-mail posts said, details to be hammered out this week. The whole point of this is that it's really meant to be used in conjunction with the Mineral Bank so that the two go hand in hand. I've already got a volunteer to run the mineral bank so that it's not always me. Thanks Cathrianne.

With that: Generically I would say that if you're a covetor/hulk pilot - come in a hulk. Retriever pilots are the the switch hitters. They should be prepared to switch between retrievers/haulers depending on the situation. Anything else is: bring a hauler unless we have too many haulers.

The only case I'd consider a BS/Cruiser/whatever is if it came cloaked as anti-pirate bait. Tricky to arrange since the corp restrictions on agro. Experienced combat pilots only. Otherwise we depend on the haulers keeping the cans popped. So in thief heavy areas the hauler ratio goes up as they need to be filling up near the miners at all time.

Wyldfyre & Company said...

Of course, haulers with full jet-can capacity are desired as they are able to tend to the needs of several covetor/hulk miners at once. But smaller haulers can also be more agile and quicker in and out of a system so there's a tradeoff.