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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well I got to do some exploration - minor drama

Yesterday was a day for a bit of drama along with some exploration.

The first thing was transporting the minerals for Phoon #3 to Eram (3 trips, I'll be glad when I get those last 17 trit bars and I can make that last rig for my Mammoth.

While this was going on there was a bit of drama between WOJ and Norjia about the way that Norjia runs her corp. As per alliance policy I'm staying out of that one.

I finally got tech 2 Rocket launchers and immediately started learning the skill necessary for the tech 2 ammo. I upgraded my two jags and proceeded to go try out the results. Not massively more deadly but it does take care of cruisers spawns. As part of this I managed to find the place to go farm the tech 2 data interface manufacturing components in the ANI constellation. Tvink is just a little to hot with BS data guards at the end. Going to need some help on that one at some point. But this allowed me to confirm that the components do indeed drop here and it is farm-able by a Jaguar. Love that ship.

Then I managed to find a Radar ping in Uttindar. The tracking down of the site was broken by the server going down. Everyone did mention that eve did seem a little laggy but oh well.

After the server came back up I managed to finish exploring the site. Got some trit bars and 5 decryptors.

Oh and Guyverman finally got above 5. Then he started making plans in his head about putting a tower in Aeddin....... I almost hated to smash his illusions but Aeddin is a 0.6 system and his standing is only at 5.14...... But he can put it in Gulfonodi or some other 0.5 system if he ever gets his own tower. We'll see.

Signing off and fly safe.

Tonight I need to get scouting for a mining site since no one has stepped up to the bat and volunteered to go scouting. I think I'll call for scouts tonight.

We'll see how it goes...

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